TTStar UHF Wireless Microphone System – Items of the Day — 5 Comments

  1. Would this also work with a dedicated camcorder?

    Specifically I use a camcorder on a tripod for work projects in the field and need a wireless mic instead of the fixed wire mic as I’m moving around the site doing hands on work explaining what I’m doing as I go. I’m generally 10 to 30 ft but occasionally up to 50 ft from the camera.

    My camera has a 3.5mm input. Thanks.

    • IDK it depends. I have found you need to push the transmitter button for about one second to turn it off. Shorter and it may not go off, longer and you might actually turn it back on. If that works I’d do that.

      If that does not work I would consider it a faulty unit and return/exchange it.

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