TSP Will Return Tomorrow – Today Some Videos

Yesterday was planned to be a long 11 hour travel day back from Kalispell, MT, instead it became a long 18 hour travel day.  I am not yet “put back together” and haven’t really internalized the seminar fully yet either (good and bad) so no show today.  Tomorrow we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming with a show about Holzer permaculture and what I learned while I was away.

I feel like if I do it today, in my current sleep deprived, backed up email mode I will likely focus more on the negative then the positive.  That would not be fair to Sepp or to you the audience.  So please forgive one more day of delay.

The good news for those who have not yet seen them is I shot two pretty cool videos up in MT, seeing the one of the hugulbeds will make tomorrow’s show make a LOT more sense as well.  The first video is not at the seminar but is a GREAT example of the permaculture principal of “observe and interact” and “see problems as solutions”.  It was windy but you will get the gist of it.

6 Responses to TSP Will Return Tomorrow – Today Some Videos

  1. Thanks for sharing the video Jack. I hope you get rested and recover from a hellacious travel adventure.

  2. Very fresh. Great stuff.

    Too bad about the wind in the first video.

  3. Roundabouts

    Great videos! Rest and rest some more. Glad you got home safe. I trust the rest of the family was happy to be home as well. Give a few butt scratches from me.

  4. Hope these videos are up on YouTube – I am not able to get video images from your site on my iPod even tho the audio is fine.

  5. Thanks again Jack, for the video. You lucky dog – Kalispel is a beautiful place. I sure hope you guys enjoyed it.

  6. These videos are great. looking forward to more videos from the iphone.