TSP Wiki Hits 900 Articles – Help the Wiki Grow in 2014

Hey everybody this is going to be all about the TSP Wiki, the modern survivalist encyclopedia written for you by you. We started up the wiki just 5 short months ago in November of 2013 and in that time we’ve created almost 900 articles, have over 100 contributors, made almost 7,000 page edits, and gotten over 100,000 page views. So the only question is, “Have you gotten involved yet?”.


Wikis are a unique type of online community where any reader in a few short steps can become a collaborating content creator. We want the wiki to be a valuable resource to all TSP community members. To make this happen we need you to come out and participate. Whether you participate by just coming out and reading articles or whether you jump in with both feet and start creating articles we’d love to see you out at the wiki.

We know that it can be intimidating figuring out how to use a new computer program but editing any wiki is about as simple as sending out an email. We’ve created a few tutorial videos to show everyone just how easy it can be. The videos cover topics like how to create an account, make a basic page edit, and even create a brand new page.

A great thing about wikis is that you don’t have to worry about getting anything perfect because there will always be another community member willing to help out. They can review the changes you made and then fix any small mistakes you’ve made or if a big mishaps occurs (like deleting all the content in an article) then they can revert the article back to a previous version.

With that being said click on over and join us out at the TSP Wiki.

Parting thought, what ways can you think of for you or others to get involved? Share them with us in the comments below!

9 Responses to TSP Wiki Hits 900 Articles – Help the Wiki Grow in 2014

  1. Holy smokes! I didn’t even know there was a wiki!
    That is an awesome idea.

  2. It’s been an awesome project to work on. If you have any ideas for topics or need help getting setup so you can add to it yourself just let us know.

  3. I had heard a little bit about there being a wiki but needed this motivation to go check it out. It sounds very wonderful. Maybe I shouldn’t ask this question until I go check it out, but here goes anyway ~ are there articles about food preserving? I think that would be a great subject.


  4. Jeff Rubelmann

    Jack, I couldn’t agree more… Been listening for 7 months nows and the show has become regular dinner time learning…Love it!! Thanks so much!!!

  5. Need one of the Core TSP Wiki people to email/PM me.

    I got some Steven Harris content and topics I could write up for the Wiki, but want to check how I should do this and some general direction. I am a Steven Harris fan, but I don’t want to just paste transcriptions into the wiki like annoy “Harris Fan Boy”

    • Modern Survival

      A wiki, especially this one, is meant to be a Do-ocracy. Simply meaning if you want something done, do it. More formally, individuals choose roles and tasks for themselves and execute them. A few examples are if you see a typo, we encourage and need you to fix it. If you think a sentence is oddly worded and can make it better, do it. If you’ve never edited a wiki we’re here to lend a helping hand, just check out the training materials we’ve created.

      Get to it, do a few pages if they fits as pages or add them in to other content. If you need guidance you will hear from the team, if you hear nothing, be happy and rock on.

    • Hey Hootie, Jack is exactly right, just dive in with both feet. I did send you an email through the wiki so we can connect if you’d still like to discuss things. I look forward to connecting with you.

  6. Cool, I will go with the “No new is good news” direction 🙂 Time to get doing…

    Jon, will connect with you.