TSP Updates 2-4-13

I figured it might be a good idea to do a weekly or bi weekly update on a regular basis.  This will include community updates, announcements, specials and policy changes by our sponsors.  So here we go for this week.

1.  Ready Made Resources –  is running a big Mountain House Sale.  Mountain House is pretty strict on distributors and they can only run a few sales a year and this is a great one, 25-35% off all MH Products and free case lot shipping – more info here.

2.  Survival Gear Bags – is now offering free shipping to everyone on ALL ORDERS, you can still get an MSB discount in addition to this but EVERYONE gets free shipping.  Visit Survival Gear Bags Here.

3.  The TSP Gear Shop – We have introduced three new very cool products in the last two weeks.  They are “The Revolution is Brewing T-Shirt“, “The New 2nd Amendment T-shirts” and the awesome “A Revolution is Brewing – French Press Mugs with Hidden Compartments

4.  TSP Mint – Is off to a great start.  As a reminder we are selling the TSP Ant Coins at 2.99 a coin over spot and only 1.99 a coin over spot for MSB Members.  Since launch last week we have sold an incredible 6,300 ounce of Ant Shield Coins.  Visit the TSP Mint Here

5.  Getting Your MSB Discounts – I have had more then a few people say “I bought _____ from ____ and I am an MSB member but don’t know if I got the discount”.  This should never happen.  Please understand there is no way for a vendor to know you are a member with out the proper discount code.  To get the discount code and to see all the discounts available log into the MSB and then click on “benefits” they are all listed there.  To learn more about MSB Click Here.

6.  Updates on New Videos by Jack – This week we are rehabbing two of our garden beds at the new homestead, installing some drip irrigation, mapping contours and reviewing a new dry canning vacuum sealer.  Videos on all of this will be out during the week and coming weekend.

As a preview here is the dry canner I will be reviewing it is called the VacuCanner.  I  have also gotten a pretty cool webcam and will be doing about one V-Blog a week on some subject or another about liberty and prepping.  These will be short and easier to share with newbies then entire TSP Episodes.

I will be doing updates like this about once a week from now on to make sure you guys know all about what’s going on behind the scenes and to be sure you know about all of our sponsors incentive programs.  Thank you as always for your support and I’ll be back tomorrow with another podcast and more great stuff.

4 Responses to TSP Updates 2-4-13

  1. Awesome idea with these updates jack. It’s great being informed about the community. Also the vlogs and other videos are greats keep them coming!

  2. I’m very excited to see how your plans for your new garden beds progress.

    I have a similar (albeit FAR smaller) project ahead of me in the coming months.

  3. Vacucanner – I bet you could burn a small candle in that canner and turn all (most) of the O2 into CO2 before sucking the gasses out of the canner. Looks like a nice product and look forward to the review.

  4. Hey Jack, Looks like your are going to be fighting the grass in those beds pretty hard come spring. What is the game plan?