TSP to Return Tomorrow

So we are about to head to the airport here in San Diego in just about an hour.  We will get home about 4PM local Dallas time.  It has been a long but truly enjoyable trip for Dorothy and me.

We met tons of great people at Voices and I got to meet some folks I have always wanted to spend some time talking to face to face like…

While we were gone the first of our new goslings hatched as well.  Like I said we had a great time and Dorothy and I even took a mini vacation for one extra day in San Diego yesterday but I am ready to be home.   I am also ready to get back on the air and will be back at it tomorrow.  However if you are missing your TSP today, remember you can always listen to a random episode from the more than 1300 we have produced over the years.

7 Responses to TSP to Return Tomorrow

  1. I’m glad that you got to meet some of your hero’s at Permaculture Voices. Have a safe trip back to Dallas, and we all look forward to hearing what you have to say tomorrow. It’s awesome to be doing what you love, and to love what you are doing. Keep up the good work.

  2. PowersProduce

    Great to finally meet you Jack!

    And don’t worry, I spoke to Mr. Hemenway on our drive back to LA and he said you didn’t even get him with the surprise wine bath, and that he is looking forward to being on the show.

    Safe travels my man.

  3. Glad you had some vacay time. Good times, well earned.

    Safe travels Jack,

    -Richard J
    Houston area

  4. Brent Dutcher

    looking forward to you getting back Jack miss you on the drive homeLOL. glad you had fun

  5. Glad you got a mini break Jack, how was SD?
    I haven’t been in years, did you go to TJ?

  6. Jack, glad you enjoyed your trip. I listened to your “food forest” podcasts iboth of them) again. 🙂
    I would love to hear about what you packed, as in stuff you take with you on a trip, as preps for the two of you. I recall you mentioned it way back, but thought the list may have been revised or updated. Maybe not a whole show idea, maybe as a listener question?

  7. Glad these images got some use! Again, it was an honor to meet you Jack and all the fellow TSP’ers in attendance. What an incredible event! Got my 2 ideas for our family farm in VA and can’t wait to kick things into high gear.