TSP Staff on Vacation Until July 6th

Well we are off to the the Bug Out Location to do some video and mostly lay around on our butts and do a whole lot of nothing.  I am not going to be accessing the web or email while away (for a rare change).  Hence from this point until Tuesday morning there will be no tech support.

If you send an email or request for assistance it will be answered just not today or over the holiday weekend.  I apologize for this but even a guy like me needs time off once in a blue moon.

Also all 5 winners of the High Mowing give away have been notified and your information sent on to Meridith who will be sending out the winners seed packages.   I don’t announce winners by name because so many of you wish to remain anonymous.   That said if you didn’t hear back from me telling you that you won, you did not win.  Remember we are doing a soil cube give away next week.

6 Responses to TSP Staff on Vacation Until July 6th

  1. Have a great holiday vacation Jack. Don’t think about work, just enjoy your family and being away.

  2. Sounds great Jack! The best you and family. I’m going to start my bug out after the 5th.

  3. Justin in Boston

    Much deserved time off Jack… not so much for you but the wife that puts up with you 😉

    Happy 4th.

  4. Mr Jack no broken tranny,s this year. Have a good vacation.

  5. Enjoy your time off. I’m working overtime all through the weekend and holiday for 36 extra hours of pay. It’s going to go right to the mortgage. My goal for this year is to finally get my last debt (the mortgage) paid off, by September of this year. If I refuse this overtime there’s a good chance I won’t quite reach my goal.

  6. Happy 4th Jack and all survivalpodcasters. Does anyone remember episode were Jack talked about how using credit cards help create more fiat BS? I want to review that episode. Happy 4th!!!