TSP MeetUps at Two Hickory North Carolina Brew Pubs

So while we are in Hickory I figured we could check out some local brew pubs and found two great ones.  So we are having an informal meet up at each of them, one on Friday night and the other one on Saturday.  Dorothy and I will be breaking away from the event a bit before the doors close and will be at each location about 6:30ish somewhere in the bar area both nights.

Both locations are only 3-4 miles from the event location.  We will likely hang out till about 9:30-10:00 or even a bit later depending on how many people show up, etc.

Now on Thursday we may do something impromptu so keep and eye on the blog or our twitter or facebook for that.

10 Responses to TSP MeetUps at Two Hickory North Carolina Brew Pubs

  1. Probably Friday, definitely Saturday

  2. Georgia Brewer

    Shucks! Sorry I’m going to miss that, Jack. I’m actually going on a tri-state camping trip this weekend with a group of preppers from GA, SC & NC.

  3. iI will definately be there both nights. Can’t wait to meet and hang with other TSP folks!

  4. I am going to try and make it Friday.

  5. Iodine Tincture, 2%

    We’ll be riding in from Charlotte early Saturday morning with 4 people. We should be able to meet up afterwards. Does that place serve food too?

    • Iodine Tincture, 2%

      Never mind, I couldn’t get their site to pull. I now see they serve food and it looks to be a nice place too.

  6. See you at Amos Howard’s on Friday night! And at your talk before that!

  7. wish I were there to see you brother. I used to live right next to Lenoir-Rhyne college in Hickory. In fact that’s where I was living on 9/11/01.

    Catch you another time!

  8. Coming in early Saturday morning (have to work tonight). We plan on hanging out at the tap room after the event.

  9. Backwoods Engineer

    What a great time had by all!
    Enjoyed time with Jack and Dorothy, and with all my newfound TSP friends!