TSP is on Zello – Check in and Say Hello

Join TSP on Zello

Join TSP on Zello

Today a called called in about a cool new technology called Zello, well I installed it and it is really cool.  If you remember Nextel it is a lot like the old Nextel radio and you can install it on any Android or iPhone for free.

If you install it this weekend click on the + sign and select add a channel, then search for “The Survival Podcast Network” and I will be on during the day and though the weekend and you guys can talk to each other as well.  Many thanks to LostAirplane for telling us about Zello.

Oh and for people that don’t have an Android or iPhone you can run it on your PC or Mac as well.

28 Responses to TSP is on Zello – Check in and Say Hello

  1. Jeffrey C. Anthony

    Surprised you don’t do Google+ with it’s hangouts as well.

  2. Cool. Hopefully they come out with a Linux version soon.

    • Here, HERE!

      I HAVE to use Linux because it’s the most accessible to me as a visually impaired person. And since my husband’s Android smartphone is his work phone, it’s not like I can “play” with it. 🙂

      • Sarah –

        I’ve run the Zello client on linux under WINE with no particular problems. Not quite as friendly as the android version but it works.

  3. Awesome! I got on for about 30 seconds and heard you guys chatting. I’m sure there will be about 100 on later tonight. I’ll stop back in and see what is going on when I’m not at work.

  4. damon Brooks

    This thing is pretty damn cool,
    Now the guys are out on the homestead with me!

  5. rich hutchins

    Hey i’m in now & listening to you guys! Yes this is a monster!
    If phones go down but you have wifi we can connect to local nets or nationwide nets like the survival podcast network.. But how do you turn it off? Also- Mine defaulted to speaker phone…. had to go into settings & turn that off to get it into my headphones.

  6. Cool stuff, I joined (username Monderno). Hard to participate while at work though haha. Awesome little app though!

  7. Archangel Mike

    Also for blackberry and your Windows PC

  8. This is great!!!

  9. Pretty new here…this sounds cool…signed up as ELIMN8U cause FlashBack was already taken.

  10. If it is free why the billing info?

  11. Robert Seals

    I’m on zello (on my pc) but I don’t know how to talk (what button to push). LOL

    • Lisapaintergirl

      I was confused at first too. There are 2 green buttons on the bottom, push them, when they beep and turn red, then you can talk, then push them again when you’re finished.
      It was fun talking to fellow preppers from all over.

  12. Just added the channel. It said there were 134 subscribers. With me, we are up to 135…

  13. It was great talking with TSP’ers on the way home from work. The bluetooth feature works great.

  14. Jereme Wellbaum

    It works awesome, and it’s really neat being able to talk to my fellow preppers, I think to make it easier for people to find the app we should post a QR code that can just be scanned and have it take people directly to it.

  15. Carnie Princess

    Pardon my french, but this is effin great!

  16. Raymond "Shorty" Butler

    Joined up, Backwoods Trooper out of Bastrop, Texas Y’all give a holler sometime. It’s like really poor man’s CB, with one hell of a range, I’m talkin’ to folks across the country!!

    Great Day


  17. Just downloaded the app. Seems pretty cool, it says “waiting authorization” after I added the podcast channel. so we will see what happens. My handle is jsm19, I look forward to hearing from everyone

  18. Downloaded but cannot find the channel for some reason…

  19. I couldn’t find it under add contact, but found it under options, add a channel.

  20. This is pretty sweet! I was using Voxer before but this is better. I’ve joined the TSP channel as well.

  21. Long time listener and lurking TSP member. HistoryGeek1989 on Zello. In the Atlanta area.

  22. Can’t find the Mac application. Only iPhone….

  23. There is no Mac software for Zello.
    I talked to Zello sales and they said they were not currently working on any software for the Mac.

    • Modern Survival

      Well hell, I got that wrong, they should create a browser based version. I will send in that suggestion.

  24. Just downloaded and installed it. This is great. Very useful for groups as well as one-on-one.