TSP Now Has an iPhone App

This is so long overdue but we have finally entered the 21st century when it comes to apps.  TSP now has its very own iPhone and iPad app and it is pretty bad ass.

Of course it will syndicate all new episodes of TSP to you so you never miss an episode but it does a lot more.  Included are the most recent posts from the TSP Forum, posts to the TSP Facebook page and the official TSP Twitter Feed, all in one place.

You can of course also get the TSP Youtube channel and all our great video content though it as well.  There are some features I would like to get our developer Blake to add, such as the blog posts that are not podcasts currently don’t display and a few other things.

I’d like to have you guys install it, start using it and tell us what you’d like to see added to this app.

Oh, how do you get it?  Okay the App is called Survival Podcast but searching the app store for that brings up a ton of video game crap, at least for now.  So the best way is by going to this link,

The Survival Podcast iPhone App

I and the dev team would love your thoughts and input on this new app.  Also any bug reports, so far we haven’t found any bugs.  You can also search the iTunes App store for the Development Company’s name, “Conspecture” and find it that way.

20 Responses to TSP Now Has an iPhone App

  1. When does the Android app come out? 😉

  2. Looks good so far. A couple things I’ve found though:

    1. You can’t expand the description of a podcast to read all of it. Example, ” TweetToday on The Survival Podcast I take your questions on social media,education, cooking, grinders, processed foods, permaculture, green houses, solar power, guns and more. Remember to be on a show like this one just pick up your phone and call 866 […]” It cuts off the phone number and there is no way to see it. The next two are just suggestions.

    2. It would be nice to be able to delete individual episodes after listening to them instead of the all or nothing option of “remove completed.” I like to keep episodes sometimes to share with certain people at a later date.

    3. It would be nice also to be able to “scrub” the audio. I’ll go back or rewind a section or topic in a podcast to listen to it again sometimes to get a better understanding. I can’t do that with the current player.

    thanks for the app

  3. If you search for “the survival podcast”, it comes up first in the App Store search. Sadly, my poor old iPhone ios is too old to use it. I’ll have to stick to using Plex to transfer old episodes to my device.

  4. Finally! Can’t wait! Thanks!

  5. Any plans for an Android version?

  6. Just searched for:
    the survival podcast
    The Survival Podcast
    “the survival podcast”, and
    “The Survival Podcast”.

    Nothing appeared as of this time. Is there a dedicated link for finding the app?

    Many thanks for all your work Jack!

  7. Duh!! I was trying to find it on my Mac! The obvious thing to do was to look for it on my iOS device!! Once I clicked the link provided on my iOS device (not my laptop) I was able to find the app, download and install.

    Thanks again for *all* your work Jack (and your developer too!)

  8. I just searched it in the apple app store using the full name “the survival podcast” came right up. Is there a way to sign in with your MSB membership or forum login?

  9. Downloaded fine but I am having issues with the audio playing via Bluetooth in my truck. It shows playing but no audio is coming over via Bluetooth. It works if I hook up via the headphone jacks so audio is there. Also if I play via headphone jack the audio stops when the screen turns off to power save. iPhone 6s with all IOS updates done.

  10. Found the app but need ios 11 to install. I’m not ready to make the leap yet.

  11. The player updates are great! How about a Tspaz link button?

  12. Matt in Missoula

    Feature request for the Android version:

    Play/pause, rewind, and forward buttons on the notification bar that can be accessed in the lock screen. All other podcast players have it and it’s nice not having to unlock my phone to pause the show for any reason.


  13. Downloaded the update today.  New episodes are now loading but I am showing two copies of every episode now.