TSP Gear Shop At Liberty Forum 2013


Save 10% on all TSP Gear at the 2013 Liberty Forum

Of course I will be speaking at the 2013 Liberty Forum in New Hampshire this year.  Kelly Gendrou will also be there and have a TSP Gear Shop table set up with all sorts of cool TSP stuff.

I talked to him and he is running a Gear Shop special for any TSP Member that wants to buy gear in advance and pick it up at the show.

We have introduced three new very cool products in the last few weeks.  They are “The Revolution is Brewing T-Shirt“, “The New 2nd Amendment T-shirts” and the awesome “A Revolution is Brewing – French Press Mugs with Hidden Compartments

This sale will let anyone attending Liberty Forum save 10% off the purchase of all items in the store and you will get to pick them up strait from Kelly at the event.

Here are the details…

“TSP Gear Shop will be at this year’s Liberty Forum hosted by The Free State Project.  If you would like to purchase gear on-line now, and pick up your delivery at the event, you can save 10%. 

Order at TSPgear.com and use coupon code “liberty221” for 10% Off.   Again, this offer is only good for those who will be picking their order up at Liberty Forum.  Coupon Expires 2/21/13″

I hope to see many member of the TSP audience at liberty forum this year.  We will spend a lot of time at the pub discussing liberty in off hours, hell it worked for the founding fathers so there must be something to it right?

3 Responses to TSP Gear Shop At Liberty Forum 2013

  1. Christopher Jewell

    Do you know about any deals for the Liberty Forum event itself?

  2. Christopher Jewell

    Agreed. thank you for the reply.