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The Revolution is Brew!

The Revolution is Brew!

Based on the way we run the gear shop in partnership with Kelly of SurvivalGearBags.com it took a bit of work to make sure we could build a discount into the gear shop.

This is mainly because we already price things very competitively and offer free shipping on all products for all orders.

We were able to do it though and are happy to announce that we just added a TSPGear.com discount code to your benefits section of the private MSB area for all members.

This discount code will provide you with 10% off of all TSPGear Shop orders.  Remember to get the discount you need to go to the benefits section of your MSB account and get the code and instructions for using it at checkout.

Check out TSPGear.com today and check some of our most popular items like…


Spring into Spring – Get Your Garden On!


Bring in the Pollinators with Some Buckwheat!

A tremendous portion of this audience is into self sufficiency in the area of food sovereignty and to do so they grow at least some of their own food.  Well spring and early summer is peak planting season.

The time to order your seeds is now.  When you are deciding what to get and grow this year do make sure to consider the three seed suppliers that support the MSB and TSP in general by offering discounts to the MSB Members.

Remember as always you must log into your MSB account and go to the benefits section to get the discount codes for all of these deals and use the codes as instructed during the order process.  Here are the three supporting seed companies and what they offer…

  • Terroir Seeds –  Offers all MSB Members 10% off of all orders with a TSP discount code.

Between those three companies you are likely to find just about any rare variety or heirloom seed you could want.  I am trying to add one more company to this awesome list right now and will keep working as always to make the MSB and even greater value over the years.

We now have a total of 40 supporting vendors in the MSB, many pay for an annual membership by themselves.  If you are buying items in the self sufficiency space every year the MSB more then pays for itself, with discounts on everything from herbal supplements to long term storage foods to tactical items and as listed above even gardening supplies.

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4 Responses to TSP Gear Shop added to The MSB – And Time for Spring Planting

  1. I bought one of the Revolution Brewing mugs and it is AWESOME! Has a neat compartment to store coffee in the bottom and the overall build quality is fantastic. I’m ordering another one to take on overnight business trips. You can usually find a coffee pot in the room, to make hot water with and THIS makes far better coffee. Nice, quality product.

  2. …and don’t forget 20% off the Soil
    Cube Tool
    for MSB members to get those seeds started right!

  3. Alex in Austin

    Jack, I thought buckwheat was a winter cover crop here in Texas. I planted a bunch of it in my raised garden bed this past winter. I didn’t realize that buckwheat was also used to bring in pollinators. Should I let it go to blossom and seed? I was just going to cut it down and mulch it into the soil before it went to blossom.

  4. Thanks for mentioning us! Don’t forget that all orders over $20.00 also get our Starting Seeds Indoors book with their order – http://store.underwoodgardens.com/Starting-Seeds-Indoors-by-Ann-Reilly/productinfo/T1007/.