TSP Earthworks Workshop Now Open to All

The TSP Earthworks Workshop was opened to MSB Members only for about a week.  In that time 18 of the 24 spots were claimed.  It is now open to any and all.

To sign up use this link, http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/events/eth-sgn.htm

There is a form on that page to fill out.  Once completed it will take you to a page to make your 200 dollar deposit.  Once you complete payment you will see a link that says, “Return to John Spirko” if you click that it will redirect to a full document with all the info you will need for the event.

Full details on this workshop are below.

Our Urban Garden Design workshop was an awesome success and it led us to a basic plan for the area that was the focus of the design seminar. That basic design led us strait into a major component of a zone 4 food forest. For those that understand permaculture yes we are saying a single element (a swale) will become part of both zone one and zone four and the two will transition seamlessly. It won’t seem radical once you see it!

As many of your also know that have been here, we have very good but very shallow soils. The area for these earth works has a foot at best, then some chunk rock then slab limestone. Yep tough to work with. However we now have the plan, we are going to be running three major swales, we would call them mid sized. In the range of 4 feet wide by about 8-10 inches deep depending on the hard pan when we begin to dig.

The awesome part is that two of the three swales will allow us to exploit a major roof run off on a building catching over 44,000 gallons of rain per year. All in all we will be installing about 360 feet of swale. Additionally there are some unique challenges with these shallow soils. Given the swales can only be about 8-10 inches deep the down grade side of them will have fairly small mounds, so we will be trucking in additional mounding material from a local source.

Again the top swale will actually find its genesis right in the middle of a planned zone one urban style permaculture garden and take half of our roof run off to our outer pasture on an initial swale of about 80 – 90 feet in length. At that area we are installing a 2500 gallon poly tank, which will act much like a small dam as it will capture water until it reaches overflow when it will spill into the top swale.

We will be digging the swales with an excavator but once dug we will be shaping the berms and swale bottoms largely by hand. This is again to deal with the unique situation. I learned this manual shaping approach from Ben Falk at Whole Systems Design and it is actually really easy to do with a large group like we will have. The berms will be topped off with the high quality soil we are trucking in, they will then be cover cropped with a winter mix and mulched with a large amount of hay. We will be doing some improvement to the areas between the swales as well (interswale) which will also be cover cropped for use in rotational grazing.

While this workshop won’t include planting trees, it will include planning the eventual tree plantings down to the species and spacings with a ratio of 7 support trees to every one long term productive tree. This planning alone for many will be worth the entire cost of the event.

This course is ideally suited to students that want to perform earth works for food forest establishment on mid sized land tracts of 1-5 acres. Our entire property is about 3 acres and this area we are working is just under one full acre. It is also ideal in that it will teach you massive amounts about function stacking and adaptation to tough environments. Once you learn to work in this environment swaling any location afterwords should be a walk in the park.

The cost of this course will be 425 dollars which covers meals, instruction and if you choose to camp on site, camping. The course requires a 200 dollar deposit via PayPal. You can use a credit card for this with Paypal even if you don’t have a PayPal account by the way. The other 225 is due upon arrival. The basic schedule will be as follows…

  • Wednesday night – you can arrive early to set up camp but nothing official is happening
  • Thursday – Saturday We will begin working about 930 AM, breakfast is not included on day one but we will have coffee, fruit and breakfast bars available. Lunch and Dinner are included on day one and will be awesome as always. On Friday and Saturday we are providing breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Sunday – While the event technically ends Saturday at dinner many students stay over Saturday night to hang out and have fun. Sunday in the morning we serve a light Breakfast about 930 and do a final Q&A with everyone who is still there, everyone to leave the property by 11 AM so we can get back to our normal routine and frankly take a long nap!

These workshops are like nothing else available that I know of in the permaculture world. Our dinners consist of things like pork shoulder and brisket, awesome smoked sausage and if you leave hungry it is your fault. We have a barter blanket exchange that was a massive hit last time. We provide a selection of “adult beverages” for consumption after hours and have a blast in general. We do a seed exchange and I just open up much of my personal seed supply as well on a take what you need basis. Attendees almost become part of a “club” so to speak with relationships that extend beyond the event.

In the words of several attendees now, “If TSP did a seminar on paint drying, I would attend for the experience alone”.

The last event was a bit much with a headcount of 30 so we are scaling back to a head count of 24 on this one. Deposits are refundable IF and only IF I am able to fill your slot if you cancel.

Lastly I am looking for one person who wants to be hired as a full time helper for this event. What we have done until now is take a person or two as a helper in exchange for letting them attend. The problem has been that we then feel bad pulling them out of a part of the class to do work. So instead this time we are paying a helper. While you will get the experience of the event you will likely spend at least half your time doing things for the event from cooking to serving and cleaning up.

This job is therefore a job for pay, you will be reporting to my intern Josiah during this time. The job begins Thursday morning and runs though Saturday night. It will pay 240 dollars cash, which is 80 dollars a day. Again I do want to point out whoever does this will likely have a blast but it is a job and your focus will be on helping run the event. This means you are absolutely going to miss quite a bit of instruction, Q&A, etc. If you are interested in this position please email me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com and put event help in the subject line. Include anything you think is relevant in us choosing you for this position.

PS – Full details are given such as our address and directions along with arrival instructions after the class is full and provided to paying students only.

We generally get a group rate at a hotel for those that want to use that option and for those coming from out of state by air, DFW Airport is the best airport, though Love Field in Dallas is an option a well. While we only provide our address to registered students, we are very close to Azle, Texas so you can use that to see if travel is viable for your needs.

5 Responses to TSP Earthworks Workshop Now Open to All

  1. beewhispererwyosurvival

    “We have a barter blanket exchange that was a massive hit last time. We provide a selection of “adult beverages” for consumption after hours and have a blast in general. We do a seed exchange and I just open up much of my personal seed supply as well on a take what you need basis. Attendees almost become part of a “club” so to speak with relationships that extend beyond the event.”

    Big Jack, Bringing my Dad with me to the event. A little Dad/Son trip. 42 years and we still work together. So more then just learning to make some ponds on the retreat, Camping, and swapping stories with the group. Really looking forward to this time with my Pops.

    On that sob story note……what can’t we bring for the barter blanket? Any Thing someone that is coming looking for that I may be able to help out and bring? My group has some items that they wanted me to bring….Driving in from Wyoming.
    (Ok wife told me to post or I can’t come. “Change your name on the form from “BEEWHISPERERWYOSURVIVAL” to “SURVIVAL FAN BOY” because you are acting like a geek. )
    thanks Jack

    • Modern Survival

      The only things not allowed on my property are things that are illegal such as drugs, etc. Anything else is, so anything else is game on the blanket.

      On your dad coming that is cool, but I thought your wife was coming? If you all three want to come that is cool, BUT, you need to claim then three spots not two. That said a few are still open.

      Or did your wife just decide to send you off to play in the dirt on your own? LOL

  2. beewhispererwyosurvival

    Wife said I can play. LOL
    She is staying to spin the last of the honey, feed the rabbits/chickens/fish.

    My dad said “Well an open spot, I am in.” so we are coming.
    O nothing illegal. Respect to the land owner. bringing some Caster Beans for someone that wants some. 5gram bags of seeds -buckwheat/ white clover/ chicory… (.45/410 Derringer Kit — some 454 rounds — The Self-defence cap — Audio books from the group barter bank). from me Travel Guitar/ Honey/Bees wax/mead/ one beehive (old but works for a starter) .

    I’m Looking for a composting tolet, Arrows, powder Peanut butter, travel gold sleuth box, and TRAPS: #1 Long Spring Trap; #11 Long Spring Trap; #1 1/2 Coil Spring Trap; #2 Coil Spring Trap; #110 Body Trap; #220 Body Trap; #330 Body Trap; Set Tool for #220 & 330 Body Traps.

  3. Sounds like you’ll be right at home Survival Fan Boy! I’d like to throw down against some of those items you’ll be dropping on the blanket as well.

  4. @wyofanboy, what kind of arrows? Stone points? I make stone points, knives and whatnot. I am in the market for quality flint and moose antler(the bottom 8-9″ with scull plate) The problem is that a non-flint knapper almost never brings me a useable rock. Large flat and no cracks is a good start. See ya there.