TSP – AOCS Copper Round Preview

Well I posted a concept of our new AOCS one AV Ounce earlier this week, we now have the final version of the proofs of the coins.   We are waiting for the final editions back from the die artist but this is what they should look like.  Again they are going to be very affordable about $1.25 a coin in small quantities and about $25 dollars for a roll of 25.

The domain on the back www.TRTAM.com isn’t live yet.  The site should be live in about 2-3 weeks.  TRTAM stands of course for The Real Truth About Money.    As per the request of several listeners we did manage to get some bee symbolism onto the back to compliment the ants on the front.  There is also a symbol for the American flag on the back, do you see it?  It may be a lot larger than you think.

We will begin taking pre orders soon, as soon as we have an estimated delivery date back from the mint.  Again www.TRTAM.com isn’t live yet but will be in plenty of time for when the actual coins are available.  Remember to help fund the manufacture of the dies and the initial set up costs we are running a sale on the MSB this week.  Use discount code copper to get the first year for only 30 dollars.  That code expires on Midnight of Halloween.

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  1. Super excited about this item…Great job guys.

  2. Sorry, I might’ve missed mention of this in an episode or something, but what’s with the bee symbolism? Don’t get me wrong, I love bees. I’m just curious why the TSP community requested it be on the coins. I don’t want to be clueless to some deeper meaning of coins I plan on purchasing.


  3. Modern Survival

    Nothing too deep, bees and ants are kindred spirits. Ants store food and bees forage and create honey to store. Both are good models to learn from. We also simply have a ton of bee keepers on the forum and as show supporters, etc.

    Honey is also a golden copper color and is a true store of value.

  4. Awesome Jack, I’m in for a roll or more.

  5. This will be a great evangelical tool, we’ll be giving them away to everyone. I’ve got money in the bank just itching to order some.

  6. Thanks for the explanation Jack. That is right on, and after hearing the reasoning I’m even MORE on board with the bee aspect of the coin. I’ll be ordering a roll or more for sure.

  7. They look great, I can’t wait for them to go on order.

  8. The flag symbol is very creative and very cool.

  9. What size are they? Like a hafe dollar or quarter or what just wondering if anyone knew thanks.

  10. Raw honey is delicious, good for sore throats, has many nutrients, is also good for your hair, and is good on minor cuts and burns. So it helps keep you healthy and beautiful.

    Of course bees also pollinate many crops, so without bees we are in deep trouble.

    Bees AND ants. I like it!
    Next up, praying mantis. No bug want’s to tangle with one, and they inspired a kung fu style. 🙂

  11. Modern Survival

    @Daniel they are a full AV ounce so the same size as a typical silver round or silver eagle. Copper is a bit lighter then silver so they are AV ounces vs. troy ounces. That is typical ounces as in 16 ounces to a pound.

  12. @Modern Survival thanks for the fast answer I think I am going to get a roll! Can’t wait!

  13. Can’t wait to get a roll!

  14. Hey all, anyone planning to catch “The Walking Dead” series premiere tonight on AMC (10pm est)? I got my DVR set up for it.

    site: http://www.amctv.com/originals/The-Walking-Dead/

    Apologies for the off-topic post, Jack. Nice coins.

  15. Very cool. Saw the flag symbol immediately, but must have missed what the significance of TWO is.

  16. @DonW
    Two trade units in the Free (underground) Economy.

  17. The Professor


    Is this the same Rob Gray that was with the Liberty Dollar people? I hope he learned from what happened to the Liberty Dollar folks and it doesn’t happen to anyone with AOCS.

  18. Jason the Saj

    Couple of thoughts Jack:

    1) Aren’t ACOS coppers supposed to have the 2 unit on them somewhere? Also, you have a $ sign in the “Bee”. I wonder if this could get you in trouble with the Fed…not sure. But more so, why promote that indebted currency?

    Why not replace the $ sign with a “2” inside the bee head. Thus denoting the currency value unit.

    2) Mint Art:

    Not sure if you’ve gone to production yet. You might want to drop the learn from it’s position. Right now you have TRTAM, now you have LTRTAM (and maybe you want to go that way)

    COINTRUTH.COM is available btw

    3) I love copper. It’s one of my favorite metals. And I believe it is the most beautiful metal in color and tone.

    That said, you mentioned that you looked into a silver challenge coin but it would have cost $30. Jack, I’d have paid $30 for a silver ounce coin. Let me do the math from my perspective.

    As much as I wanted the original challenge coin, I couldn’t buy one at this time. It posed no intrinsic value, and I have had to trim expenditures. Heck, it’s bad enough I make the occasional mistake of purchasing a needless item.

    That said, I do have some $$$ set aside for re-investment. While a $30 silver challenge coin might not be the best deal on a silver coin. I could justify it on two parts. Both as a collector item and as a toy.

    The coin would have an inherent intrinsic value of approx. $20. And a likely potential of increasing over the next 20 yrs to exceed my purchase.

    To me the $30 silver coin, is a more doable purchase than a $10 non-silver coin. It’s the difference of buying a fish or buying a fishing pole. I might decide 10/lbs is too much for a fish filet, but $30 is not a bad price for a fishing pole.

    Anyways, so so looking forward to buying a roll of these.

    – Jason from Pennsylvania (N.U.G.U.N.)

    PS – I am hoping to launch my own business in the coming months. I’ve decided to take ACOS as an option for payment.

    PPS – Ah, I have an idea for that Praying Mantis. It should go on the cover of a Prepper’s Bible. LOL

  19. Modern Survival

    @Jason where to I begin.

    1. Yes they are supposed to say two, and they do in GIANT letters across the bottom third of the reverse. Seriously how did you miss that.

    2. The dollar sign is not a representation of debt. Just because the modern dollar has been ruined by the Fed doesn’t make the “dollar” as a unit the problem.

    3. On the domain, what, huh, I just don’t get your point. The words are a call to action the domain is the site name.

    4. I would have to sell silver right now at about 32 dollars a coin to break even. Or more accurately Tiffany and Rich would. As we are not in this to “break even” but actually want to make a profit it isn’t in the cards. To do it and make enough profit to warrant the huge initial expense we would have to sell them at 37-40 a unit. Further the perception of being over priced would follow not to mention that even at 40 we would in fact be selling the first 400 coins at a loss, break even from there and then only make an honest 6-7 dollars a coin.

    5. Challenge coins are not about “intrinsic value” the are about community. They are also limited, the ones we have now will disappear in early 2011 be replaced and never come back again. I carry quite a few different challenge coins and if you asked me to part with one of them or one silver coin the silver would be let go of first. Challenge coins are much deeper than monetary value.

  20. Modern Survival


    Exact same Rob and yes in fact he did learn. That is even noted in some preceding comments above.

  21. Way to go Jack..Put me and my friend down for like 5 rolls..Can’t wait for them to come out…

  22. I am really looking forward to getting several rolls of these coins. They look amazing and I love the idea of adding to my real money supply.