Episode-93- Training the mind, the body and with firearms

Today’s show is a bit of a change up with some thoughts on training to be a better rife and pistol shot in the field (hunting) and my thoughts on simple physical conditioning and mental exercise and mental rest as well.

Tune in today to hear…

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  • My preferred method for solo training with rifle and pistol
  • The importance of firearms training in a real world environment is not just for the tactical shooter
  • Why you must exercise you mind daily and why you must unplug as well
  • 4 Simple Exercises that will get you into excellent physical condition
  • How to build dip and pull up bars that will give you a much better workout then standard equipment, cheap and easy!

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One Response to Episode-93- Training the mind, the body and with firearms

  1. Jack,

    I listened to this podcast yesterday (Monday) and want to thank you for your 4 simple exercises; all to often, when speaking of exercise, people think about gyms and individual exercises; but it’s the overall fitness and combined fitness of the person(s) that helps survival best. I know for myself, that power walking (I can’t run due to a back injury 15 years ago), has helped me both keep fit and get in better shape than going to the gym does. It also is great to get out there, breath the air and let your head clear too (also very important).

    Thanks for the episode.