Today’s Show Delayed

For those that didn’t notice about 7 AM by best estimates the site had well, “difficulty”.   The forum vanished and the site went back to what it looked like in July of 2008!  Kind of a forced trip into the wayback machine!  So until a few moments ago I was threatening the guys are to get things back to par.

They have done so and now I am free to get back to work.  So there will be a show today but it won’t go live until later today (perhaps around 2-3PM).  Of course while the site was down, getting it back up was my primary concern.

Please refrain from giving me 300 suggestions for web hosts in the comments below.  The reality is I have a great host in but have held off moving the primary site and forum to them because of the pain in the butt factor of moving multiple data bases, multiple sites, multiple forums, etc.  So at this point we have redundancy in that the audio sever and the MSB won’t be down if the main site is down and vise-versa.   Sometime in the next month though that will be necessary and I will bite the bullet and get the site moved.

Any host will have down time, my experience with HostGator has been I can get help from a real human being at 3am if I need it.  This AM I still haven’t actually spoken to a person from HostingWithUS.  Do not use them as a host because clearly service is not one of their priorities.

3 Responses to Today’s Show Delayed

  1. No hurry Jack, we have plenty of old episodes to listen to now. Rule 1 don’t sweat the small stuff, Rule 2, it’s just about all small stuff.

    Smile, have a beer and relax.
    And, as we all know, beer and dear hunting go well together so, lets go ole boy!

  2. O dear God! I meant Deer!!! Deer!
    Deer and beer! O sweet Jesus where is the edit button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Totally off topic, but I still wanna say it, Happy Birthday, Jarheads. 10 Nov 1775.