Timber Frame Pond Update for 7-18-17

Today we take a look at the timber frame pond about 3 weeks into it being filled. The biology is doing very well, despite some surface algae the water is clear enough to see the fish and the bottom (about 3.5 feet deep).

4 Responses to Timber Frame Pond Update for 7-18-17

  1. Very nice, I need to build a system like that!

  2. Carson Liebenow

    My wife and I are talking about building one next to her shop for raising catfish. I can’t wait to try it.

  3. Use o2 grow … hydrogen/oxygen produced & infused in water, it allows for more nutrients to be absorbed in water …. fish are bigger n healthier and plants are also… They are doing this to hydroponics hemp plants in California with great success.

  4. I am currently using IBC containers for mine… Though i am concerned about the fluoride in dallas water supply… Have you made a backup power in the event of a long term power loss… Mabe a solar power with a battery bank… Maybe see if it would power system permanently..