This is the Last Day to Enter to Win a Free Rock River Arms AR15 Upper

If you have not yet entered the contest to win a free Rock River Arms AR15 Upper, you have until the end of today, Sept. 22nd to enter to  win a free AR15 Upper from Ready Made Resources. All you have to do is fill out a simple form on the Ready Made Resources website and you are entered to win.

Robert at Ready Made was simply blown away but your response to last months contest for an AR7 Survival Rifle and due to that I managed to get him to offer up a much bigger prize this time around.

Rock River Uppers are made in the USA! RRA is one of the most recognizable names in the industry for tactical rifles, AR-15s and AR accessories. The rifle upper in this contest is one of the finest RRA products ever offered and its now being given away on Survival Podcast in partnership with Ready Made Resources.

Make sure to tell your friends about this contest, post it in your blogs etc. It is a great chance to win an awesome prize and a great way to expose others to the TSP community. Oh and the best part, as this is only an upper, it is not considered a “firearm” so no FFL is needed, the item will ship directly to the home or office of the winner.

You can Enter the Contest Here

19 Responses to This is the Last Day to Enter to Win a Free Rock River Arms AR15 Upper

  1. Filled out form, clicked submit, got msg “Sorry, but this form is limited to one submission per user.” But I had not entered before. No big deal, but it does not appear to be working properly.

  2. Matthew DeGelleke

    I got the same message. I’ve never entered before either.

  3. I got the same thing. Maybe time is up? I tried Thur 22nd @ 8:48AM pst.

  4. yeah i am pretty sure i did not get to sign up either…

  5. I, too, was told that I had that I had I had signed up for the contest; but I don’t remember signing up for it.

  6. I attempted to register and received an error message stating only one entry could be made. I called Ready Made Resources and spoke to Shawn. He attempted to register me also but to no avail. Shawn stated he was going to speak to the owner to find out if there was a software glitch or if something else is going on. Shawn was very professional.

  7. Me too. No luck.

  8. Modern Survival

    @All I have made Robert aware of these issues.

  9. Same here, I was not allowed to register, said only 1 entry allowed.

  10. Got the same message, 2:38 EDT.

  11. ditto for me.

  12. I tried several times over the past week and did not find a button to enter. Filled form properly but could not register.

  13. I got the same message; I did enter the previous contest, but not this one. Perhaps that’s the problem?

  14. Got the same, never entered before…:(

  15. Didn’t work for me either…

  16. Add me to the list.

  17. Form FAIL

  18. Worked fine for me

  19. Modern Survival

    @All due to issues with the contest it has been extended till Friday this week for those who had errors. Robert is making it right for you guys, if you got an error or what have you this is how to make sure you are in the drawing.