Episode-377- The Why Behind Concealed Carry

I think a lot of people have misconceptions (both positive and negative) about concealed carry.   It is a bit more limited then many seem to believe in some situations.  Additionally it is far safer than many who are opposed to carrying believe.

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Join me today as we discuss…

  • The origins of the 2nd Amendment
  • The real story of the how and why of the Bill of Rights they don’t teach in schools
  • If you need to exercise one right then you need to exercise them all
  • About 100,000 women are raped in the US a year, women with guns and training are the solution
  • The main reason you should carry is to protect others, self defense in many situations is limited
  • The person who carries is less likely to be in any altercation than one who does not
  • Why you should carry in your home not just away from it
  • Why carrying improves your life even if nothing ever goes wrong
  • The fact that you are more likely to need a gun than you might believe
  • How “threat probability” plays into the need for concealed carry

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29 Responses to Episode-377- The Why Behind Concealed Carry

  1. I dont remember which firearms training group made the video’s, but they filmed a thorough response to the TV special you were talking about. They did several different scenarios and changed the advantage slightly, but the bad guy lost every single time.

  2. Jack, overall an OK show but a couple of notes:
    Permit holders are NOT required to protect their neighbors (at least not in my state). The only ones required to do so are LEO’s. It would be wise to be careful jumping into your neighbor’s fight. A permit holder better be 100% sure before they engage in someone else’s fight.

    Snub nosed, Titanium .357 revolvers are not always the best guns for ladies (or any other shooter). Small and light guns = more recoil and management problems. They are less fun to practice with and thus the shooter does not practice with them resulting in not having the intimate knowledge of the gun required to defend yourself with.

    Overall, get good training, get a gun you are comfortable with, practice and be prepared (mentally/morally) to use the gun.

  3. Modern Survival


    I never, absolutely never said anyone was “required” to protect their neighbors, not one time. I said it was your duty as a citizen. Duty is related to HONOR not legality. My point was pretty clear if you actually listened but bias on gun issues run deep even with pro gun people.

    There are many times a person can be attacked and even if they are armed the will not be able to respond to the attack. Conversely when you witness an attack on others you are generally in an ideal position to make a positive difference. It bothers me a great deal that you so twisted something I was very clear on.

    Also the recoil argument is very old and very tired about 357s and other light powerful guns. During an actual conflict recoil is never noticed. Anyone who draws blood even hunting with guns knows that. Point blank a lady who is shooting a guy trying to force her to the ground will not be effected by recoil.

    Last I also said small frame revolvers were a good choice, not the best choice. Best is bullshit by the way because every person, need and requirement is different. There is no perfect answer as to what a person should carry.

    I don’t mind disagreements at all, I do mind when my words are altered.

  4. Two Blues Mama

    I have to comment as a woman who\’s had a concealed carry permit for a while and carries everyday. I disagree with CVT\’s comments – I learned to shoot my husband\’s .357 and do well with it but it\’s too heavy for me for everyday carry so I carry a featherweight .38 S&W Special +P. It has a 1-7/8\" barrel and I can accurately hit a target at 50 yds (a true fact). I also can draw and hit center mass in less than one second – I beat all but one guy including the DH in an Essential Pistol Class I took. I\’m also darn good at a double tap. I have said it before – I\’m no spring chicken and have severe arthritis but I can more than handle this pistol. I think a woman is more inclined for everyday carry for something smaller and easier to handle and conceal. And yes I do practice with it – I love to go to the range and blow the centers out of targets! SO CVT please don\’t generalize about us not practicing – if I was physically able I would take the next pistol class up from Essential Pistol but sadly am unable to crawl around on the ground with bad arthritic knees.

    I thank you Jack for this show and URGE everyone listening to get your concealed carry license and carry a gun ESPECIALLY women. I posted the other day on the forum how I left my gun in the house while carrying in groceries and was accosted in my driveway by a guy saying he was cleaning carpets in my area. I had mace in my pocket on my keyring and two blue dogs ready to tear him apart but thankfully he left without incident. Part of it may have been that confidence level you spoke of Jack as I exude a \"you don\’t want to mess with me attitude\" but it was a lesson very well learned. Gun stays on me wherever I am. As always Jack we at the Two Blues household are thankful for the encouragement that you impart. Blessings, Barb

  5. @CVT

    The police are not required to protect you or any other citizen.

    Refer to court cases Warren vs. D.C. and/or DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services.

  6. So… TSP women… group CCL class? It would be great fun to learn alongside TSP buddies…

  7. Great show jack

    I have been working on getting my GF to find some way to defend herself since right now she lives alone.

    I also like what you said about having a feeling of defending those around you. I do not have any friends or family members who carry at all. Most are actually against it. I will be letting them hear your show for a different perspective on things and hopfully it will turn them around a little.

    On a side not my gf is 5’4 and built like a rail. She is also the biggest girly girly I have ever met in my life. All that being said when I showed here a little pink revolver she gave me “the look” and said she wanted a slick black one if she ever got on at all.

    Right now she just tells me she feels better that I carry. Just have to wait for resturant carry to pass here…

  8. Jack good show.The really bad thing about women being raped ive heard that 10% end up dying.A snub nose revolver with a 2in barrel 50% of the firearm is going to be in your hand a lot harder to grab than a much bigger firearm good point.On being aware i think that it goes both ways also.Ive heard thugs say i dont think its a good ideal to rob this person i think i seen a gun on them.Or i think they have a gun.

  9. John a good point to tell your girlfriend the only person that can protect you all the time is you.Just think about it your not going to be right beside her every moment good luck.

  10. Question:”Do you know why I carry a pistol?”
    Answer: “Because it’s a lot lighter than carrying a police officer…”

  11. Thank you Jack for this show. It brought me to tears, literally. I was a rape victim at 14. To hear you talk about how a woman carrying represents all other women and their daughters really hit home for me. I have three daughters, and another on the way. I DO NOT want them ever to be in a position of weakness and vulnerability the way that I was.

    I recently spoke to my husband about wanting a CCW. He didn’t like the idea really, and was concerned about our little ones being attracted to the weapon. We listened to your show today, and husband was encouraging and extremely supportive of my interest in a CCW afterward. He hadn’t considered that our weapons we have in the house aren’t under our control and supervision when we don’t have them on our person. Also, we discussed how little ones learn from watching and mimicking us, and watching how mommy and daddy handle a weapon responsibly is essential. Learning that it’s to be respected, and that it isn’t a toy is extremely important. If they come upon a gun in an unsupervised room, they’ll be curious about it if they haven’t seen mom & dad with them, and haven’t been taught proper gun etiquette – I believe the NRA has a great instructional program for teaching children the three rules: 1. If you see a weapon, do not touch it. 2. Leave the room immediately. 3. Tell an adult.

    I digressed a bit, but really just wanted to thank you for the excellent podcast. They’re all really good, and we appreciate you so much, but today really hit home for me.

  12. Jack,

    Great show. I agree with everything you said about always carrying. I was hoping you would comment on the terrible choice for those of us who are sworn to support and defend the Constitution. How can I reconcile begging for permission, and then paying a fee in order to exercise my Natural Rights enshrined in the Second Amendment? That would reduce our Rights to mere privileges, granted by the government in exchange for money and submission. The fact is that ALL gun laws and permit schemes are unconstitutional. I qualify for a CC permit in Texas, but I can’t rationalize getting one, as it conflicts with my Oath. As a fellow Army Vet, maybe you can help me resolve this issue. Thanks, for the great work you do!.

  13. A woman in Orlando was recently murdered by a man who had been stalking her. She went to a judge for a restraining order that was not granted. The stalker ended up killing her then himself shortly thereafter. This woman needed a gun. Even if granted, a restraining order means nothing. The police can’t protect you and very often the courts won’t even try. I think sheeple are just people whose normalcy bias is so strong that they miss the evidence of violence all around them.

  14. Great show – do you think it’s really necessary to carry, though, when you live in a rural area where there’s little crime and almost no violent crime? Why carry then? I am ready to carry if things get worse, but right now it seems like way overkill where I live. Just a thought… I would carry if I lived in most parts of this country…

  15. the bullet is the great equalizer.

  16. Modern Survival

    @Ben, In some ways more so then in a city. If you dial 911 you probably wait LONGER then I do in Arlington. When I move to Arkansas I will have much lower chances of break ins but much longer response times. Ben, bad things happen everywhere. My view is 98% of people regardless of race, religion or natural origin are good folks. Well 2% is still a lot of dirt bags. If you live in a small town of say even 1,000 that equals 20 dirt bags. Think about it.

  17. Not being an avid gun lover as some of you, I have to agree with JAck on this.
    However I have an interesting perception to make.. Can someone please show me the Constitution where it is a requirement to have permits , licenses and pedigrees of some sort to have/ carry a gun or weapon .. I do believe the inalienable right is to bear arms.. NOt the rest of the prerequisites.. Just another forced guvt intervention and repression of our inalienable rights

  18. Dan mentioned the women who are killed after being raped statistic. Most were tortured horrifically by being beaten to death.
    I’ve read about a lady news anchor Anne Pressly who’s skull “was crushed like an egg” by her rapist. Her mother found her, alive and unconscious,she died five days later.
    Ladies, the only rational response to a roach-rapist is hollow points. CCW for your protection, when seconds count, the cops are a whole lot of minutes away!

  19. I think it is important to carry both in a rural and urban environment. In the rural environment, there are also less police and they are further away. I live on a boundary between the two and can give several cases of problems in both parts of the state.

    After the four cops were killed at the coffee shop south of me I started carrying 100%, up from about 75%. I really would have a hard time living with myself if I was in a situation where I could have stopped something but wasn’t carrying that day. How could I look into the widow or child’s eyes knowing I could and should have been prepared? The odds are a million to one, but the consequences are horrific.

  20. Hey Jack,

    Just had to chime in to defend CVT. I don’t know him from Adam, but it seemed to my reading that his questions/comments were genuine. Your response read as though you believed he aimed to deliberately misinterpret you or twist your words. It seemed to me to be an innocent misunderstanding, and his comment didn’t seem to warrant the sharp rebuking you gave him.

    I’m a fan of the show, and I’ve noticed you can become very defensive when you perceive that someone misinterprets what you say or takes what you say out of context.

    We all come to hear the podcast to learn something, and the odds are good of everyone hearing the context of an hour-plus long podcast a little differently. It does a disservice to your content and your listeners when you take one of your listeners to task over what likely amounts to a minor misunderstanding.

    Just something to keep in mind. Otherwise, keep the good work coming.

  21. Modern Survival


    I understand your view, I don’t agree but I respect your view point. I definitely get harsh when my words are changed. I most likely always will.

    I never get upset about being disagreed with, as you can see from my response to you.

    Also if you really read my response to CVT you will see most of it is really in direct response to him or in anyway personal. Such as my comments about the recoil argument about small frame revolvers being, “very old and very tired” certainly should not be seen as personal to CVT as to be “very old and very tired” it must come from many sources.

    I hope this makes sense and anyone is always welcome to disagree with me, changing my words though I generally am not real tolerant about.

  22. Jack,
    Thank you for doing the show on CCW’s. Eight years ago I got my CCW, and a few months later I started to draft my reasons for doing so, and came up with 7 of them…some similar to yours, and a few in addition. If you’d like to read them, go to: http://www.box.net/shared/aaxn1jlp1j
    I think you’ll find it interesting.

  23. If you want to have a long debate about the difference between “required”, “duty”, “responsibility” that is fine. Useless but fine. If you want to send me an email explaining where I twisted your words feel free. I did not as far as I can tell.

    “….I never, absolutely never said anyone was “required” to protect their neighbors, not one time. ….”
    So at about 36:08 you say “…part of my responsibility as a CCW carrier is to protect my neighbor…”.
    Also at 40M20S: “…American has the courage, duty and responsibility to CCW…”. Again “responsibility” implies you must to do it? Same for the word “duty”, it all implies that it must be done. I read that as required but we will differ on that then.
    The way I hear it you are saying we should use our guns to protect our neighbors. Let me know how that goes when you pull your gun on the fellow breaking into your neighbor’s house. Not sure what TX state law calls out but my home state clearly says use of deadly force to protect property is a no-no.

    “….I said it was your duty as a citizen. Duty is related to HONOR not legality. ….”

    Your duty is to call your neighbor’s house to tell them about the break in and to get the heck out or arm themselves and confront the burglar. You can be nice and call the popo about the break in. If you want you can confront the burglar directly but you imply you are allowed to use your gun to stop the burglar. There is no dis-honor in being a good witness or being the eyes on the ground to guide in the popo.

    “….My point was pretty clear if you actually listened but bias on gun issues run deep even with pro gun people. ….”

    Bias? Interesting.

    “….There are many times a person can be attacked and even if they are armed the will not be able to respond to the attack. Conversely when you witness an attack on others you are generally in an ideal position to make a positive difference. It bothers me a great deal that you so twisted something I was very clear on. ….”

    What is the positive difference to make? Call the popo, call out for them to stop of shoot them? I know of one case here locally where two uniformed officers came within a hair of shooting an undercover LEO on a prostitution sting. They saw him and her jump out a car and fight, the LEO drew his gun on the gal (who was armed with a small knife) and the uniformed guys would have shot the undercover LEO if it wasn’t for a third guy in the patrol car (a lawyer on a department rid along) who recongnized the undercover LEO. You need to know for sure what you as a simple citizen (not junior G-man, not a deputy, just a CCW holder) get into.

    What words of yours did I twist by the way?

    “….Also the recoil argument is very old and very tired about 357s and other light powerful guns. During an actual conflict recoil is never noticed. Anyone who draws blood even hunting with guns knows that. Point blank a lady who is shooting a guy trying to force her to the ground will not be effected by recoil. ….”

    I am not talking about the actual incident. I am talking about how often will the snubby owner goto the range and practice with the gun which becomes less than pleasant to shoot after 100 rounds?

    “….Last I also said small frame revolvers were a good choice, not the best choice…”

    I can not seem to find where you said they weren’t the best choice. I recall you said talking about the snubby and how slick Glocks etc. aren’t the best at about 45M into it?

    “….I don’t mind disagreements at all, I do mind when my words are altered. ….”

    Let me know where I altered your word. My conclusion on the show is based on the whole thing, not one thing in particular.
    A couple of quotes (as best as my shorthand will allow anyway):
    24M40S: “…the main reason you carry it to protect others…”.
    25M10S: “…it is civilian law enforcement…”. Sorry!?! Help me understand where a CCW permit allows you to enforce the law again?
    “…I will not allow criminal activity to …in front of me with out taking steps to prevent it…” This implies you would use your gun to stop it?
    39M30S:”…know the weapon intimately…” which requires practice which you won’t get if the gun isn’t pleasant to practice with.
    49M or so :”…it is more difficult to justify a shot as a CCW than when not a CCW holder…” Really? The law here is probably different than in TX. Ignorance of the law is not a get out of jail card. You go to the big house no matter what if you broke the use of deadly force laws you are gone…

    @ VTaero
    Yes, to a certain extent the popo are not required to protect. However any LEO who stands by without taking action (on or off duty) when he or she has the ability to do so to e.g. stop an attack or burglary will be in trouble. Is the local PD held responsible for not getting a squad out to you house, no there is a whole city/county to protect and they can not be at all places at once. But if there is a squad sitting on the corner watching a bank getting robbed? So their obligation is that if there is a unit/LEO available to send them.

    @ Two Blues Mama
    I did not generalize about “us” not practicing, I said that if a gun hurt to shoot the shooter will practice with it less than if it did not hurt which in turn mean less intimate knowledge of the gun. You practice a lot, great for you.

  24. Modern Survival

    @CVT rattle on all you want dude my words are there and your words are there for all to see and/or hear. I could go line by line through what you said but it would be pointless for instance, you sated that….

    I said “I never, absolutely never said anyone was “required” to protect their neighbors, not one time.”

    To which you responded with, “So at about 36:08 you say “part of my responsibility as a CCW carrier is to protect my neighbor”.

    Those two statements are not in conflict. One can be responsible for something with out being required by law to be such. I SURE WISH MORE AMERICANS WOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MORE THAN WHAT THE LAW REQUIRES. As I said duty and honor have little to do with legality though you don’t seem to agree. I do see it as my responsibility to protect anyone being illegally attacked regardless of a law requiring me to do so. If you don’t fine but I think you should.

    I could keep going but why, again you did twist my words, perhaps not intentionally but you did it. Like I said bias on gun issues runs deep even among very pro gun people.

    Simply put you believe that “the difference between “required”, “duty”, “responsibility”..is..useless” I find the difference between “required” and what one does out of a sense of duty to be of paramount importance to the character of the individual.

    To me the words duty, honor and responsibility are far more important than legal requirements. If you think that is useless so be it.

  25. We will agree to disagree.

  26. What are thoughts about a revealed carry? For years in AZ they called us the real wild west because citizens were allowed to carry their weapons openly as long as they weren’t concealed. The only places they weren’t allowed were bars and government offices. Personally always thought that was good policy to not allow weapons near alcohol since that could be bad but a few guns around politicians might improve the place…just saying.

  27. The Fort Hood shooting is a prime example of where concealed carry could have saved many lives. It is a sad microcosm that shows what can happen when the population is disarmed.

  28. Vashti,

    I wanted to respond to your comments particularly regarding children….you are dead spot on. I believe if children are exposed to guns at an early age, they are much less likely to run into problems when they encounter one.

    Here is a story that happened to my family. We were at an event at another persons house. My daughter came over to me with a horrified look on her face and told me that one of the other kids at the party had found a gun underneath the couch. I immediately went over and took the weapon, which turned out to be a BB pistol, but that is beside the point. There were 6 other kids there, but none of them with the exception of my daughter knew what to do. Why, because no one ever exposed them to it or talked with them about what to do if they find one (I’m excluding the school presentations when most of the kids are zoned out). My daughter knew what to do because I have talked to her about it, she has been exposed to guns and has shot BB guns (.22 is in the near future), and she took a class over the a couple summers called RadKids.

    If RadKids (http://www.radkids.org/) is available in your area, I highly recommend it. It is geared toward kindergarten and 1st grade and covers all kinds of safety issues including fire safety, stranger safety, dog safety, gun safety etc. It is taught by certified instructors. My kids both took it twice, to make sure it sunk in, which it did.

    Hope this helped……….

  29. Take this from a 15 year veteran cop…..”the cops are only minutes away when seconds count.” Get a concealed carry pernmit asap.
    Thanks Jack for the great show.