The TSP Gear Shop Now Gives 10% to MSB Members

If you have been holding back on getting some cool Survival Podcast SWAG now may be the time you have been waiting for.  We have wanted to offer a 10% discount in the Gear Shop for a long time for all MSB Members but due to the way PayPal works (or more accurately doesn’t work) it required a shopping cart upgrade.

Well as part of the redesign Tiffany and Rich have upgraded the stores software and shopping cart and now offering a discount code is easy to do.  So from today forward all TSP Gear Shop items are 10% off for all MSB Members.  The discount code is now listed on the “Benefits” section of the Members Brigade.

Visit the TSP Gear Shop

6 Responses to The TSP Gear Shop Now Gives 10% to MSB Members

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  2. Jack,

    Any ideas when the M3 bags will be back in stock?

    • Frank, the medic bags are in stock, but we’re waiting on back-ordered patches before I add them to the store. I wasn’t really sure if I ought to sell the bags on that basis. Do you think I should? I’d still be sending the patches out when they come in…

  3. Modern Survival

    All questions about the gear shop need to be addressed to the gear shop. I do not run the gear shop, I do not control inventory at the gear shop, etc.

  4. Spamity Calamity

    Bout time. I’d always wondered why us MSB members never got a discount. Glad yall changed it.

    • We didn’t give a discount before because the way we had the store set up did not allow any discounts at all. It was pretty pathetic stuff. But it’s all fancy and changed now, so now we can run promotions. 🙂 Glad you approve!