The Truth vs. The Bullshit About Net Neutrality

This is an exert from The Survival Podcast Episode 2042, it explains what net neutrality is really all about vs. the hysteria being trumped up by people that know nothing of networks.

Below the video is a minor summary of the experience I am drawing on in speaking in this video.  I don’t generally talk a lot about my past experience in this world as it is seldom truly relevant to what we discuss on TSP, it is however very relevant to this discussion.

When someone tells you that we need net neutrality please do two things.  Ask them what experience they actually have with large scale data networks and if they know the difference and similarities of say a DSLAM and a CMTS?  Then ask them to watch this video.  The hysteria around this issue would be funny if it were not so damn deceitful and so damn effective.

My Personal Experience with Network Design, Installation and Management

At one time I was a Certified Bicsi RCDD, with both LAN and OSP add ons. The RCDD test alone has a 70+% first time failure rate and less than 10% of RCDDs had BOTH LAN and OSP add on certifications at the time I did.  The LAN add on is now replaced with DCDC certification.

My past employment includes designing and installing both LANs and WANs.

I have extensive experience in installing, programming and managing Central Office equipment. (where you get your DSL from)

I have actually designed and built Head Ends from the ground up. (where you get your broadband cable internet from).

I have sold equipment into the carrier space, specifically -48 VDC for the equipment that actually provides DSL and worked closely with engineers at companies like Alcatel (Now Nokia after becoming Alcatel-Lucent) as a supporting vendor and co systems designer.

I spent 2.5 years overseeing the primary contractor crews that installed all the optical and up graded hard line cabling both aerial and under ground for what was at the time Marcus Cable. Including equipment installation both in the field and tie ins at the Marcus Cable head ends for the entire Western DFW Metroplex.

This was done specifically to provide high speed internet. Marcus Cable was absorbed by Charter Communications. Hence if you live on the western side of Dallas Fort Worth, and use Charter Spectrum, you are getting your TV and internet over equipment and cable I personally installed or supervised the installation of over 15 years ago.

I also spent 3 years working for Fluke Networks and have a full understanding of network testing for both customer premise (LANs) and Outside Plant (WANs)

My first telco job was for MCI to date my experience a bit. My primary responsibility was installing and servicing MUX (multiplexing equipment) for Central Office equipment, at that time we were talking voice networks, but multiplexing (aka trunking) works the same in all multi user networks.

Finally before leaving corporate America my last job was working with major wireless providers designing software to optimize LTE and 3G Networks. This company is called (Cerion Optimization Services) and has worked with AT&T and other carriers to optimize their network since 2002.

While I didn’t do the programming or actual work in that role I served as the Companies CMO, while at the same time serving for their sister company as COO. That sister company (Dataworkforce) provided thousands of contractors that were deployed across the entire world to actually install, program and manage these networks.  Both wired and wireless.

This doesn’t make me right in and of itself HOWEVER it does make me a lot more informed about this subject than the majority of the people spouting off about it right now. Please consider that before you tell me I don’t know what I am talking about.

Lastly this entire 20 minute presentation was done on the fly with no notes, no outline, nothing. Why?  Because I actually know the subject matter, despite leaving the industry in 2012, which itself was 6 full years after the entire push for so called “net neutrality” began.

12 Responses to The Truth vs. The Bullshit About Net Neutrality

  1. Finally , something that actually makes sense and is practical information without marketing some worthless crap like a permaculture certificate !

    You put out some good homesteading stuff, but most of the rest I have simply ignored as marketing crap ! You are a good bullshitter for sure and fooled greater fools, that is what I have observed. Your claims to be a business guy are ludicrous. Stick with the homesteading ideas. That is your best schmooze.

  2. Jack,

    Keep up the good work.

    Thanks for what you do and the always appreciated excellent quality that you bring to the members of the MSB, and your regular listeners.


  3. Thank you for this, Jack. I was all for net neutrality until I heard this in your podcast last week. Shared at facebook.

  4. Wess Daniels

    Wow…a case of “I know hardware so I know….”

    Why are you missing the overall point?

    I’m as big or bigger libertaian for civil rights as you. i also am 100% capitalist.

    But (and we know anything before “but” is horse shit) bits are bits. It doesn’t cost any more to move 1 bit of email than 1 bit of a hit movie. And just because you want to move 1 bit of a movie from your server it cost no more than the other guy to move 1 bit from his more popular server. You can CHARGE the other guy more to move his bit. But then, you had better charge EVERY OTHER guy the same more. They can then pass on the price increase to their customers.

    But you better not screw with the speeds or caps of YOUR customers because they pay for a certain level of service no matter what they use that service for. SO, the information super highway is NEUTRAL just like a real highway is neutral. Everyone uses it up to a certain speed, for as long as they want for what they want. You want faster you pay for it.

    AND NOW I just realized what I said is wrong in a way. Trucks haul bigger loads, they pay more to use it than cars. Wow…self defeating argument. hmmm…uncle.

    • Modern Survival

      Wow I can’t even bother to try to respond to that, so absolutely missing the point.

      Sure a bit is a bit, but HOW MANY AT ONE TIME IS THE ISSUE.

      That is not how this works, that is not how any of this works is my only real reply to you.

      Google bursty traffic to start comprehending this issue.

      • Modern Survival

        Um sorry I guess you saw your own flawed argument in the end, if so well done.

        FWIW I put some line breaks in your block of text it is easier to read now. I suggest people use the return key in comments, it helps others actually get your point a lot better.

  5. Excellent summary. As you’ve said before, we must look at who’s advocating for this and how they (not we) benefit.

  6. All I needed to hear was “more government control”.

    The comparison of the Patriot Act, Freedom Act and Affordable Care Act is precious.

    Thanks, Jack