Episode-136- The Trillion Dollar Stimulus and Storing Food

Today I was simply going to talk about storing food and how to build up a good storage program.  Yet today some things have popped up that have made me need to also discuss some “slight of hand” relating to the new Trillion (yes trillion) Dollar Stimulus Package.

Tune in Today to Hear…

On the Stimulus and a “New Law”

  • Nancy P states 500 million a month to loose jobs a month in a country with only 300 million people in total, what does this tell us
  • There is a “new” law capping the compensation of any executive running a company taking “bail out money”, didn’t we do that already?  – YES WE DID!
  • How writing a law is like creating a predator and must be looked at that way
  • How the new law about executive pay has no fangs or claws and what that tells us about the motivation behind it
  • Glenn Beck’s New Program – “We Surround Them” and how you can be involved

On Storing Food

  • Storm kits in Arkansas and Kentucky MIGHT contain samonela infected penut butter!  This is why you must store your own emergency food
  • Building a basis with rice, beans and pasta and adding variety to that
  • The place for MREs and Mountain House and their limitations
  • Adding canned meat as a component
  • Producing your own food with gardens and permaculture
  • Learning methods of preservation
  • Dealing with local sources of food now before you need them
  • Adding fishing, hunting and foraging to the mix
  • The addition of small live stock such as rabbits, chickens or ducks

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3 Responses to Episode-136- The Trillion Dollar Stimulus and Storing Food

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  2. Foxy Huntress

    Try looking into “Emergency Essentials” for seeds in a can which can be planted each.
    Powder milk tastes better for mash potatoes.
    We store under our beds.
    Thanks for all the help to us “ants!”

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