The Survival Podcast is Up For Podcast of the Year, Help Us Win

For the second year in a row TSP has been nominated as “Podcast of the Year” in the general category by  Between now and Dec. 15th you can vote ONCE A DAY, EVERY DAY.  The thing is something like this is very easy to forget to do, especially on weekend. So I have a few ways you can get a daily reminder.

  1. I have set up a simple email reminder service that will email you once a day until Dec. 15th so all you have to do is click a link and vote (Get eMail Reminders)
  2. I will post a reminder every day to Facebook if you are following our Fan Page you should get it (Our Facebook Fan Page)
  3. I will post once a day to twitter if you are following us on twitter that should help (Follow Us on Twitter)

If you don’t want to use those methods put a sticky note on your monitor, set up an Outlook reminder or something.  We need as much help as we can to win!  Some of the shows we are up against are pretty big, one is hosted by the guy who was on major network TV as the host of the show “Fear Factor” just as example.

To vote you just go to and select The Survival Podcast in the general category.  You can vote for other podcasts in other categories if you want but only one show per category.  You can also just vote for us only is you don’t really want to vote in other categories, either is fine.

Important you can only vote ONCE A DAY.  Please don’t try to cheat with multiple emails, they track IPs and I only want to win fair and square anyway.  You do need to use a valid email and click a confirmation email after you vote for your vote to count.   Don’t worry about giving your email to PodcastAwards, this is my third season voting and they have never spammed me.

I think for most people the best way to ensure you don’t forget to vote is the email reminder.  I will only have this list active until December 15th, on that day I will delete it, I will not send anything but reminders to people on this list.  So even if you don’t generally subscribe to email lists this one will only be until the contest ends.  Of course I absolutely never share my listeners information with anyone, ever.

So help us and and let’s see if we can win this thing this year.

Click Here to Get a Daily Email Reminder to Vote

10 Responses to The Survival Podcast is Up For Podcast of the Year, Help Us Win

  1. Done. Good luck!

  2. Just voted, I added it as a daily task on my GTD app.

  3. Insane_Libertarian_Wacko

    Just sent in my vote, Good luck. I’d love to see this podcast win, especially considering some of the competing podcasts.

  4. you know, I wouldn’t mind getting a reminder every day in my inbox about this…

  5. (he says before reading the whole article) D’oh!

  6. You got my vote good luck.

  7. Done today! Will do it every day until Dec. 15th. I’d love to see you win!

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  9. Done… Best if luck!

  10. er… Best of luck 🙂