Episode-315- The Real Story of Veterans Day

Much of today’s show is a re-broadcast of last year but there are some new things included.  Take time today and think about all the sacrifices made by our vet, thank a vet and expect something different at the end of today’s show.

I used last years audio only because it said all that needed to be said.  To all vets out there that listen to TSP this show is especially for you, thank you for your service and thank you for the honor you so clearly demonstrate.  Thank you also for listening to TSP, that indeed is an honor for me to know how many vets out there find TSP worth taking time to listen to.

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17 Responses to Episode-315- The Real Story of Veterans Day

  1. Devil's Advocate

    I am a pain in the ass that proof reads Jack’s site and nit picks on typos publicly in the comments section. I am also apparently to dim to comprehend that he just deletes such pointless comments so now instead I get to look like a dumb ass when he changes my comments to something like this.

    I guess I am just to damn dumb to learn! I must really be an idiot!

    Devil’s Advocate

  2. Modern Survival

    Comments from DA will continue to be edited as above from now on. I have grown tired of his bullshit. Hope everyone else enjoyed the show despite a typo in the notes.

  3. God bless America, and thank you to our troops!

  4. Jack, and I mean this sincerely, that you for your (prior) service to the country.

    I know you were Army, but I think you’ll like this.

    My 5 y/o son is learning about Veteran’s Day in Kindergarten. The students are conducting their own Veteran’s Day parade today.

    Yesterday, while walking him to school today, he was determined to tell me what he learned from his teachers,

    “Dad, the Air Force fights in the sky, the Navy fights in the water, and the Army fights on the ground.”

    Remembering that this was Nov 10, the Marine Corps birthday, I asked my son,

    “What do the Marines do?”

    He exclaimed loudly,

    “Oh, they do whatever is too hard for the other guys!”

    (BTW, I am not former military, just real patriotic.)

  5. (Oops, sorry for the typods, but you get the point.)

  6. Good show Jack. Thank you for you service my friend!

  7. Hmmm…. D A can mean somthing else besides Devils Advocate…

    Jack, we wouldn’t listen to you if it weren’t it. Don’t really care about the typos. If I don’t understand, I’ll ASK.

  8. HA! Check the typo!

    I meant WORTH IT…

  9. Hey, I even screwed up spelling “typos” when apologizing for my prior typos.

  10. Thanks for the show to day Jack. And thanks for serving your country.

  11. Jack,

    It may not be much, but it’s all I got and from the heart.

    Thank you

  12. Devil’s Advocate: You say you proofread? Think of this: To, Too, Two.
    Each is used for something that the others aren’t.
    To: directing toward something
    Two: the number
    Too: as in “too dim”.(Your words) Per dictionary: Likewise, also, in addition, more than enough, excessively, very, exceedlingly, over and above.

    I really enjoyed reading the comments today! You all had me laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes!

    Jack: THANK YOU for your service. I also wish to THANK all those who serve and have served our great country. Where would we be without you and them. (Men & women alike.)

  13. I am a vet of the 25th Infantry Division (Tropic Lightning) in the 70s. My son is currently in the Navy aboard the USS Ronald Reagan CVN76.

    God bless our Vets, our current troops and the folks at Ft Hood. May they all be given the respect they truly deserve.

    Thanks for what you did and what you now do Jack!

  14. My baby brother is with the 377th Army Reserve in Iraq. He’s a mechanic and a communications engineer. Thanks Jack!

  15. Jack:

    I just played this episode. While driving back from the HQ to the HOR (with my daughter-in-law in the car; PV2, signed up after my son was notified for his third deployment).
    I almost forgot about last years ‘cast.
    I would not change anything on this subject.
    Spent the day in my Blues, visiting old friends and thanking them for having my back while we did our duty and honor protecting the freedoms pronounced in the various documents written by the founders.
    Brother, you hit the nail on the head on how the OATHKEEPERS feel.

    Most do not know that there are 20 support personnel for every single combat troop. The support troops spend more time making sure that the Combat Troops have what they need to do their jobs.

    I’ve done every specialties you mentioned [support and combat]. Yea, the bravado drives the train. These Soldiers (GENERIC – My family is multi-service) are the best I have ever seen and served with.

    In my travels (in civies) I have seen our SOLDIERS conduct themselves with Pride and Honor, with the glimer of Duty and the gleam of knowing what they stand for goes back to the founding of our Country. These “kids” always make me proud in the way they conduct themselves.

    On my last TDY, I had to travel through O’Hare (nothing against the airport) and ran into a group of guys in uniform that had gotten stranded due to weather. I could see that they were rapidly getting frustrated because Combat Avation would have flown in the conditions that the Civilian Airlines would not. The Airline was reluctant (refused) to put these guys in a Hotel overnight. Long story short; I went to the desk, showed them my ID and got them a soft, warm place to stay until the morning. I guess the NCOIC of the group noticed what I was doing and came to me after he realized what I had done for his troops and tried to ‘repay’ and was down right astonished when I told him to continue to bring them home safe and if he saw me in the AM to buy me a cup of coffee. I woke up to having a 360 security posted and enough Starbucks to keep me awake for the rest of my trip. They never asked what Rank or who I was, all they knew was that I was a vet and supported them and what they did in the defense of the Constitution.

    Continue to tell it like it should be, like it was envisioned by the founders.



  16. endure2survive

    I just listened on the way into work this morning and it definitely brought a tear to my eye. I’ve had a habit of calling a particular friend every Veteran’s Day and thanking him for his service, but this year I decided to thank all the Vets I know. My step-father got pretty choked up and was extremely humble. He told me that I was only the second person to ever thank him for his service on Veteran’s Day… He was an infantryman in Patton’s Third Army. He started his tour on the beaches of North Africa and didn’t come home until the the end of the war. He hardly ever talks of the war and never goes in to details, but it’s clear he’s seen things that most of us can’t even imagine.

    How can it be possible that someone who served his country in such an amazing and heroic way hardly receives any thanks?

    Thanks for the show. People need to be aware of the sacrifices and service these brave men and women. And thank you, Jack, for your service.