Episode-55- The Real Cause of the American Revolution

The origins of the Federal Reserve and death of the gold standard on American currency and true cause of the American Revolution are the subjects of today’s show.

Tune in today to learn…

  • The real cause of the American Revolution it was not -“No taxation with out representation”
  • How The Federal Reserve Act was written in total secrecy
  • How leaving the gold standard made out money worthless
  • Why having a Federal Reserve results in debt that can never be escaped from
  • Why you children will be enslaved by debt if the Fed is allowed to continue
  • Why our currency is no longer an “honest currency”
  • How independent banks used to print currency backed by gold
  • How every dollar is nothing but a certificate for debt
  • What really happened to the gold seized from our citizens in the 1930s
  • How after 230 years we are right back where we started

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6 Responses to Episode-55- The Real Cause of the American Revolution

  1. I think there might be a problem with downloading the podcast today

  2. Awwwwww…Jack!! Ya’ big tease!!! There’s no file for the show.

  3. The next revolution is coming along. It will take some hard times for the sheeple to get it, and some good leadership, but it is going to happen.

  4. Modern Survival

    The error has been corrected and the show is now available to download, listen to etc. Sorry for the error. No tease I promise.

  5. Low and behold…We are once again on the hook for a failing company. When is this stuff going to end??

  6. What!?! Jack are you out of your mind? Unfortunately, I think you’re speaking the truth and this nation is in for a wild economic ride. It’s time to buckle up, get out of debt, become self relient, and buy silver. Keep up the great job!