The Ready Store Now Gives 5% Off to All MSB Members

The Ready Store

The Ready Store Provides 5% Off For all MSB Members

I was recently approached by a The Ready Store for advertising and while I would love to have them my advertising remains sold out with a waiting list in the double digits.  So of course I hit them up for a discount for the MSB as a counter offer.

Well once they understood the program they were happy to participate in the program and ponied up 5% discount on all orders.  The Ready store is an absolutely awesome provider with a huge selection.   They have a massive collection of long term storage food supplies as well and of course if you are in the MSB you can get 5% off anything in their store.

You will find the discount code on the benefits page in your MSB account.  If you have been on the fence about joining the Members Brigade this is yet another great reason to consider it.  I am in talks with several other companies right now about becoming MSB supporters.

So even when I am away on a mini vacation I am still racking up the discount for MSB members.

One Response to The Ready Store Now Gives 5% Off to All MSB Members

  1. Hey Jack, Aaron from Chicago here. I’d like to let you know that you have lifted all doubts I had about your message by interviewing two of my heros, Eric and Kelly of RootSimple. I had read their book before finding my way to TSP, and you including them is some kind of full circle for me. Right on including us urbanities in your show. A 12th of an acre has potential, no matter what your dreams or situation. Common sense is common sense, I feel you are one of the few people who understand that Jack, Thank You.