Episode-73- The Patriot Garden the Last Defense Against Globalism

How can growing a garden prevent the United States from falling into a socialist and global form of control?  Believe it or not it can.  In February of 2008 a startling fact was reveled; The United States is now a “net importer of food”, meaning we are no longer able to feed ourselves with our own resources.   While you can’t produce oil in your back yard or stem the tide of cheap manufacturing from China in your garage this is something anyone can do something about if they choose to.  Tune in today to hear,

  • How our conversion to a net food importer is very similar to our status as a net oil importer
  • How oil imports started climbing in the 50s and then outweighed native production by 1990
  • Comparing the value of a garden to 20 gallons of gasoline a month (what would you do to produce the gas)
  • Exactly what do Patriotism and Gardening have to do with each other
  • How a dependence on foreign will always result eventually in diplomatic and military conflicts
  • How a food deficit is far worse then an oil deficit
  • How the food deficit could combine with the declining dollar, diplomatic problems and peak oil
  • The real “magic beans” that you can buy for a few bucks
  • The 30 Foot Salad vs. the 3000 Mile Salad
  • Why we don’t have to let this final global dependence happen to our nation and why we need to take action
  • How even a small garden can produce more then you can eat at one time
  • The real value of a small garden in dollars
  • Spreading gardening and permaculture to your neighborhood
  • The loss of great farming communities in places like Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York
  • The loss of gardening as a true skill
  • What we can learn about food production from the tragic history of U.S. Manufacturing and Oil Production
  • How loosing our ability to feed ourselves could take away the last of our autonomy in the Global market place
  • If your grandparents, great grandparents and parents did this, so can we

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4 Responses to Episode-73- The Patriot Garden the Last Defense Against Globalism

  1. Excellent podcast Jack! I’ll be expanding my home garden even more. I read about the Dervaes family before I found your podcast, they are amazing! I used that as an argument to my wife for starting our own gardening efforts.

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I have been listening to your podcasts for a while now and have signed up for the forums.

    I especially liked your podcast tonight because I have been wanting to get into gardening and canning. I have a neighbor who I plan to ask about helping me learn.
    My grandmother had a garden every year and canned her own tomato pastes and sauces. She also had garlic growing in her garden. (What a HUGE difference!) Fresh is always SO much better!

    Thank you for your podcasts. There is always something to learn from each.

  3. Scott from Oregon

    Right on Jack. We need to stop depending on Archer Daniels Midland, The Department of Agriculture, ConAgra, The FDA, Burger King, Kraft, Inter-American Products, Kroger, Safeway and Albertsons. What a sick and twisted conglomeration of mess.

    You wanna stop these big corpagovernment types? Don’t participate in their program. Grow your own food or buy from local growers.

  4. it reminds me of some of the poster from the UK in the second world war “dig for victory” as in dig in your garden and plant food!!