The New TSP Gear Shop is Live

We just did a major update to the Gear Shop, there is still a bit to do but it is ready to go.  There are a few things to note about the new store.

  1. The new store has a LOT more stuff in it.  Much of the merchandise is still inventoried and shipped directly by us but a lot of the new gear is available via Zazzle.   While a few items may cost a bit more that way it lets us give you more options.  So we can answer questions like, Can I get a pink one?,  Can you do that design with a sweat shirt? or Can I get a 3XL?  With yes, yes and yes.  The cost associated with inventory has limited what we can offer up till now.  The truth with the Zazzle store is we also make less profit but we feel it better serves the audience and gives you more options.
  2. The new store is the only store I know of built on a platform called “BuddyPress” and it is just too cool!  Think of this like a “Mini Facebook” so you should join the site even if you don’t want to order today.  What this does is create a community environment where we can provide bad ass customer service.  Got a question get an answer, and hey in no time we have all the answers right there in the groups section.  Connect with other customers, ask for new designs and options.  With Zazzle we can add new stuff fast and easy but you need to tell us what you want.  You get the idea right a store that LISTENS to you, just like this show is your show we are trying to make our store YOUR STORE.
  3. When you are on Zazzle and add an item to your cart you may see other peoples stuff from Zazzle nothing wrong with that but if you want to browse and buy a second or a third TSP item (please do) you can just hit the back arrow to go back to our stuff and your items will remain in the cart.
  4. You can change to different color options when you select and order items that are in our Zazzle store.  Two things though.  One it will cost like 2 bucks more on each shirt and that will make your delivery time a bit longer.  Second some designs are made for dark colors and some for light colors.  When you change the color you can preview the design.  Please do so because some of the light designs don’t look right on a very light color and viseversa.  Not an issue because you can clearly see high res version of all customization just please pay attention.
  5. Last but not least the shirts are all high quality heavy cotton.  If you want to save a few bucks and get a plain old typical t-shirt with the same design most of the items have that option.  When you are viewing the item in the Zazzle store you will see near the price a phrase that says, “As low as $xx.xx on a Value T-Shirt”.  You can just click there to choose the “value option” which is still a good shirt but just generally a plain white one.

We hope you enjoy the new gear shop and now that we are done with the upgrade lots of great new stuff with be coming the beauty is because of how it is built it is designed for feedback.  That mean you get to help us build it to serve you better.

Click Here to Visit the Brand New Improved Gear Shop

7 Responses to The New TSP Gear Shop is Live

  1. Just checked it out. Wow! It looks awesome! 🙂

  2. very happy with the new site. still hoping for a new cap so please take that into consideration .

  3. Second for some new caps. How about a round brimmed hat where the sides can snap up. Great for desert and rain forest environments. Yes- I’m from Seattle.

  4. Hey Jack! Would there be any way to get an option to view the site WITHOUT streaming video/audio? I realize I may be asking a lot, but some of us are prohibited from visiting the shop because we are blocked from ANY site that has streaming media (like me). I can get to the forum, but not the shop 🙁 – hubby’s got a birthday coming up! I gotta shop on the sly!

  5. Ann – Hmmmm… I don’t think that’s possible, hon. What if I gave you a link to the zazzle shop, and you tried that?

    Let us know if that works for ya. If it doesn’t, we’ll figure something else out. I might just have you paypal me money, and I’ll make the order for ya. 🙂

    Brian(s): I can get some new caps! But they’ll be embroidered so they’ll cost me some money to get made (even on Zazzle). We’ll have to sell a few more things before we can afford the art conversion for the caps (and unfortunately mr. Norton, they’ll be regular baseball caps, I think…)

    Is there anything in particular that you lads want ON the caps?


  7. LOL! *hugs* glad I could help, darlin’!