The Michael “Scout” Adams Children’s College Fund

Click Here to Help Scouts 5 Girls Have a Better Future.

Click Here to Help Scouts 5 Girls Have a Better Future.

Yesterday I mentioned on air that a GoFundMe had been set up to provide some scolarship money for the three daughters of community Michael Scout Adams.  Michael was a passionate instructor for the Appleseed Project, the host of The Rifleman Radio Show, a tireless warrior for second amendment rights and a good friend to the TSPC community.

He left us as many truly great men do far too early.  He leaves behind 5 wonderful daughters.  You can contribute their future in memory of their father at this link.

Michael contributed greatly to this community in are early days, going as far as putting TSP stickers on Appleseed Rack Rifles to promote my efforts.  I would like to now kindly ask that the community show a bit of support for his family in this hard time.

Thank you,


5 Responses to The Michael “Scout” Adams Children’s College Fund

  1. Thank you to everyone that has given. I knew Scout as a great brother from the Tactical Beard Owners Club. We will miss him greatly!! Beard on Brother !!!! Hail TBOC BTFO!!!

  2. Done. Condolences to these girls and the rest of the family. Damn shame when the world loses a great…. TNJR

  3. I never knew him, but I’m happy to step up when Jack asks us to help. Just made my donation…

  4. Done. Didn’t know Scout but based on what I’ve heard he made quite a contribution so time to give back.

  5. Candygram4Mongo

    Done. Jack – please continue to promote these sorts of community “pass the hat” activities. TSP is a special community and I hope Scout’s girls are proud to be associated with us going forward.