Episode-13- The Individual Benifits of Green Energy

Honestly I think that people who believe that buying a hybrid car and some carbon offsets, is “saving the planet” are deluding themselves. The way to get people to use alternative energy (such as solar) and conserve electricity is to champion the benifits to the individual. Rather then complex and expensive alternatives individuals can take some simple energy independence steps that put real money back into the family budget and reduce dependence at the same time.

The side effect is a benefit to environmentalism but we need to stay in touch with reality. People in general do what directly is beneficial to them when they understand the benefit. Contrairy to the Al Gore speal the oceans won’t be covering the city of New York any time in the next 1000 years unless there is a tsunami (which may occur).

Still just because many on the fringe of environmentalism are alarmists doesn’t mean that we should not be trying to minimize pollution, resource consumption, energy dependence and the personal expense of energy use. This podcast covers some practical and economical things people can do to make more efficient use of electricity and incorporate things like solar energy in an economically beneficial way.

Also is my first “2008 One Minute Presidential Race Rant” at the end. Discussing McCain’s double stance on Social Security and Obama’s plea that he bail Hillary out of the consequences of her stupid decision to continue to spend money like water even when her campaign was clearly lost. Are these two really the best we could come up with?

3 Responses to Episode-13- The Individual Benifits of Green Energy

  1. This topic is near and dear to my own efforts. As I don’t drive/own a car, that part is moot; but to the point about efficient use of energy (at home in my case), I know something of that (and without breaking the bank either). Since moving into my new home (in June 06), the monthly electricity (which at it’s highest was averaging 16.2Kwh/day) has now been lowered to 8.2Kwh/day (though June did cause it to increase due to a dehumidifier being used to about 9.9Kwh). To the inclusion of solar energy (I will expand to say not only PV, but also Solar Hotwater (SHW)) is a very good idea. SHW is cheaper to install and an earlier pay-back period. Though starting out small on the PV is not a bad idea either, and grow it as you can afford. But as you also suggest, the first thing is efficiency and by extension, reducing waste therein.

  2. Unfortunately McCain and Obama are the best we can put out there, given the cronism that is deep in our political system. There is no practicle part of politics; instead we just have popularity contests. Not sure how to reduce that excapt to separate from it, via libritarian ideas.

  3. Modern Survival


    I don’t agree with them being the “best we can put out there”. I think they are the best that we as a people have been WILLING to put out there. Hell I think even among the other Democrat and Republican candidates (even excluding Ron Paul and J.C. Watts) we could have done much better. Huckabee, Romney both would have been better then McCain.

    On the Dem side I really hate Hillery! Yet I think she would be a better president then Obama. Bill Richardson I think would be better then Obama and Clinton both, though I really don’t want him either.

    Further the sheeple are free to awake from their slumber any time they choose and elect a Bob Barr, Ron Paul, J.C. Watts, Michael Steel or perhaps even a new version of a Ross Perot. It is not the system that is to blame, it is indeed us. The people who choose to be bought each year by promises and a growing debt that provides some portion of those promises.

    I know people like you and I are different but we are a very slim minority.