The Gerber EAB – A Perfect Tool for Your EDC

Most of the listeners will know that EDC, stands for “everyday carry”.  This is the stuff you carry with you all the time, perhaps a knife, some cordage, a means of defense or may be even a micro survival kit.  It isn’t your Bug Out Bag or your Go Bag or anything you don’t have directly on your person at all times when out and about hence the EVERY in EVERYday.  I think the Gerber EAB belongs  in your EDC and when you see the video below I think you will understand why.

If you are going to make an item part of your EDC to me it must meet certain criteria, not necessarily all of these but a few of them…

  • Something you will use often or rely upon in certain situations when nothing else will do
  • Provide some sort of every day function, (like a cordage bracelet)
  • It must small and lightweight (comparatively speaking of course a gun is bigger then a pen light)
  • It must be convenient to carry so that you will actually carry it EVERYday
  • Provide for multiple functions or provide a way to preserve other EDC items from excessive use
  • Afford the ability to create things that you can’t carry
  • It must be concealable or blend it so as not to arouse the interest of others

Like I said you don’t have to have all of the above but I won’t make something part of my EDC unless it fills a few of the roles listed above.  Well I just found the Gerber EAB Folding Razor Knife (EAB means exchange a blade).  You can find these on Amazon for between 9-12 bucks via this link.  I will leave it to you as to which of the above roles this nifty little tool will fill for your needs but suffice to say I think it can do a lot for most of us.

Additionaly I just want to be clear, I am not saying to carry this as your primary knife but as one of your knives.  There are many things you may need a knife for that the Gerber EAB will not do well and there are some things it will do better then a full sized knife.  To me the chief advantage is that I can replace very cheap blades as I need to and I save my primary knife blade for the critical tasks that I need it for.  The EAB may also be one of the very best small game skinning tools I have ever found.

Lastly hey folks it is Christmas time, what a great and inexpensive little gift or stocking stuffer.  Again you can find them on for about 9-11 dollars.

5 Responses to The Gerber EAB – A Perfect Tool for Your EDC

  1. I have the original version of this knife and use mine as a money clip. I like it for air travel because I can carry it into an airport, ditch the blade before security, use it as a money clip while on the flight and replace the blade when I get my checked bag. I have done this many times post-9/11, just put it in my BDU organizer and toss it in the tub with all my other stuff, but have to admit I have not done so with the recent “enhanced” security measures.

  2. Very cool…my dad has the Husky and he paid over $10 for it. I just bought 4 of these for $39.70 to the door.

    Thanks Jack…great stocking stuffers.

  3. I carry a knife very similar to that:

    As you mentioned, it is very useful to have a disposable edge for fine work so that you can save your normal pocket knife for things that need the full blade. I’ve found having an EDC utility knife has resulted in having an EDC pocket knife that actually stays sharp.

  4. Nice shirt by the way. Is there a punch line to that one?

  5. I used to have one very much like this and a customer swiped it from my counter when I wasn’t looking. It was there, and then it wasn’t. I looked it up on the security cam and she just reached over and hoisted it when my back was turned.