Episode-159- The Difference Between Survival and Hobby Gardening

Once again I am speaking to you from the past.  This show was recorded on the afternoon of March 10th 2009 but will is being published on March 12th while I am away at my bug out location in Hot Springs Arkansas.  Well, not exactly in Hot Springs but in an undisclosed location north of the area.

Today’s show covers the concept of survival gardening and how it differs in both practice and in motivation from typical hobbyist gardening.  Today’s show notes are brief so tune in to get the full story.

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3 Responses to Episode-159- The Difference Between Survival and Hobby Gardening

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  2. Jack & fellow bloggers, I have been following the troubles down South Texas way with Mexico. Good time for people in that area to get ready for survivalism. A good book to read Civil War Two: The coming break up of America by Thomas W. Chittum. I read this book in 1996 and it seems like now is the time to get ready. My wife and I have been living this lifestyle since that time. Go to youtube and search “Hawk Hill Farm off the Grid.” Still a lot to do but its a start.

  3. great show!
    do more like this!
    seeds will become hard to come by as the season progresses. People need to buy their seed as soon as possible.