The Conoy Rolls, Tech Support Closed

The Convoy as we are calling it is about to begin, okay two trucks and a trailer ain’t much of a convoy but the trip is a big one for us.  We are off on the FINAL trip to Arkansas in about an hour.  You can see our loaded up and ready to roll picture on our facebook fanpage here.

Let me say one more time thanks to all of you that helped make this possible by sharing our show, supporting us, listening and being part of the community.  The best days of TSP are yet to come!

That said we will be on the road all day with two cats and two dogs.  It will be a long trip and we have a ton to do when we get there.  Hence there will be no show, no tech support and basically no responses from me until Thursday the 19th.

As you all know timely responses are important to me, I generally answer support email within in an hour of receipt during business hours and often just as fast after hours.  While I wish I could provide support during this move it is simply not possible.  We will be back Thursday though and I will get to all of you then.

Lastly tomorrow when there is no show why not listen to something from our archives?  Here are a few suggestions….

That is all for now, I look forward to many years of serving this community and am honored that so many of you are a part of it, Jack Out!

PS – There is currently an MSB Dicount available that expires Wednesday at midnight central time, the code in on Friday’s, Monday’s and Tuesday’s shows.  You will also find it on the facebook fan page.  Remember active duty and prior service military email me before you join, you have a special discount that is always available.


20 Responses to The Conoy Rolls, Tech Support Closed

  1. How exciting!!!!! I know you are on cloud nine today!

  2. Happy day! Good luck with the move!

  3. Congrats, God speed, safe travels and thank you for showing the rest of us that this can be done.

  4. Have a safe trip.. 🙂

  5. Wishing the Spirko family a safe journey.

  6. matthew n gooseneck

    Congratulations yall!

  7. Jack,
    You are an interesting and enlightning person. Good luck and be safe on you great adventure.

  8. Hey man, it isn’t the dark of the moon nor is it the 6th of june! LOL!

  9. well, Jack needs a handle now.

    How about Fireant?

    Howboutcha Fireant, you got your ears on!

  10. 2 Each Their Own

    But I loved the old omelet with ham…

  11. Congrats! Good luck with the convoy, and thanks for the recommendations. I will use the down day to catch up and listen to some classics.

  12. 1preppingmom

    Safe trip . . . you are in my thoughts as you travel. We NEED to you back in the saddle!

  13. Stay safe! Thank you for all of inspiration.

  14. Charles & Tina

    From our homestead to you and your homestead we hope you will be as happy as you have made us.

  15. Congratulations Jack. Texas is a little poorer and Arkansas is a little richer.I’m happy for you. No one deserves it more for your hard work and efforts bringing us the podcast.

    Be safe and smooth roads.

  16. safe driving jack. God speed. Cant wait to here from you again jamie

  17. What the hell’s a conoy? Seriously though, can’t wait for the next episode from Hot Springs! God Bless!

  18. Keep your tires between the ditches and SMOKEY outa your britches. Anxious to see what will come out of Hot Springs.

  19. pdx prepper

    i have bug-out envy 😉 congrats jack!

  20. Travel well Jack and family (pets included)

    You have made YOUR dream come true to show us how it IS possible to have the cake and eat it.

    Blessing on you all and your house.

    Craig Emmerick
    From South Africa