Episode-166- The Common Need For Food Storage

The discussion of different disaster scenarios is definitely interesting, enlightening and useful however, there is what I call a “commonality of disaster” and no where is it more evident then when we examine the need for food storage as a modern survivalist.

Tune in today to hear…

  • More on the disaster probability matrix
  • More on the disaster impact scale
  • How the commonality of disaster relates to probability and impact
  • From small scale to global how food storage can aid you in most possible disasters
  • How to get started storing food with out a lot of money or special equipment
  • The one shelf to storage tub method of building up reserve food
  • Why storing food is the right thing to do to prepare for anything for a lost job to a major climate shift
  • The fundamental that when you can put food on the table, you think clearly and don’t act irrationally
  • What cancer survivors teach us about the concept of “what you do matters”

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2 Responses to Episode-166- The Common Need For Food Storage

  1. 1230 update in CO.. 18 inches of snow on the ground since 530 this morning and its still coming

  2. Have been doing this stocking up since the mid 90’s. Our motto: If you prepare for the worst, the rest is easy. Also, you need to have guns & ammo to protect what you have.