Episode-241- Thoughts on The Colony from the Discovery Channel

Today we actually have two topics to discuss, first I will give you my initial thoughts on the new reality television series “The Colony“.  This show was a pleasant surprise so far so tune in to get my thoughts on this show that places 10 folks into a true SHTF scenario.

Then I switch gears and get you thinking about your fall gardening projects.  I know it is mid summer, temps are over 100 in many areas and fall seems miles away.  It isn’t!  Many of us are already 14 weeks or less to our first killing frost and need to start acting now.  Others may not be there yet but we need to start planning.  I will tell you want to plant now and how to plan for the big production you can expect at the end of the season as well.

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9 Responses to Episode-241- Thoughts on The Colony from the Discovery Channel

  1. An FYI for those without cable or dish tv, the iTunes Store has the first episode of “The Colony” available for free.

    Here’s the URL:


  2. Hey Jack,

    Just a bit of unsolicited constructive criticism for you: Have you considered taking the “housekeeping” section of the show and spacing it out throughout the episode? Maybe do a minute of it at the beginning, a few minutes spaced throughout the middle, and then a minute or two at the end of the show.

    Today’s episode wasn’t too bad, but several episodes in the last ten or so have had “housekeeping” in excess of eight minutes. It really drags down the start of your otherwise very good program. I’ve found myself just skipping ahead 10 minutes and then just back-tracking to find the start of the actual show content. I’m sure that’s not what you–and especially your advertisers–want your listeners to do.

    I think starting the show off with a bang by jumping right into the topic or questions would be much more interesting, and spacing your housekeeping and advertising notes throughout the show (breaks between topics or questions) would be a more effective way of communicating those important items.

    It’s your show, of course, but I hope you’ll consider the suggestion. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and creating what is on the whole a consistently entertaining and useful product.


  3. I came across the listing for The Colony last night and flipped in. . .I find it a somewhat interesting exercise in psychology.

    I was somewhat surprised to find people already being pushed to the edges of their “control” and over-reacting so quickly into the exercise.

    Cases in point: When the four new people showed up the one “handyman” strutting around like a pissed-off rooster muttering “I’m just an angry monkey” or somesuch and the way they were all going way overboard with searching. The one newcomer had a small pocketknife and one of the people who were already there started yelling “put it down! PUT IT DOWN!” as if one whack with that 4-foot iron pole wouldn’t stop it.

    I like the fact that this takes some of the more “regular” people and puts them in the spotlight (though I would automatically question anyone who applied for this show, as such actions are usually to satisfy some need for attention).

    I’d have too hard of a time being a contestant on this show, I’d sit there and laugh my butt off at the antics of some of these people, as I would daresay most survivalists will.

    But. . .if people are going to get as emotional and as worked up in this face scenario. . .perhaps we should take note and plan accordingly.

    I have always said that Buffy and Hunter Volvodriver would be much more of a SHTF threat than raging motorcycle hoardes.

  4. Jack,

    Thanks for letting us know about “The Colony” looks like it will be an interesting show to watch. One of my buddies from Iraq was gunned down at his house when he answered the door. His wife and daughter could not see because the power was cut at the same time. No news media attention. I am wondering why the news will not show cross-border violence and make illegals so innocent just looking for a new way of life?


  5. Hey Jack

    Disturbing numbers, constantly updated:

  6. I live in your part of Texas. I plant cilantro and spinach in pots about this time of year. Put the pots on my front porch (eastern exposure with protection from the north). As they grow, I can adjust their placement to meet their sun and temperature requirements. I keep a pot of cilantro, spinach, and chives all winter for dressing up salads, salsa, or just plain store bought tomatoes. Is so easy to harvest at meal time and with a little attention, I have them fresh for fall, winter and early spring use.

  7. So who is the blogger that has an issue with TSP? Jack mentioned somebody in the show.

  8. Modern Survival


    He has no issue with me as an individual as far as I know, he just isn’t big on linking to anyone who looks like a competitor from what I can see.

    That said I link to him, it is James Rawles and he is in my section “Survival Resources” in the middle column his blog is called The Survival Blog and his is best known for his book Patriots.



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