The Blog About Contest

The Kelly Kettle Kit Just One Prize You Can Win

The Kelly Kettle Kit Just One Prize You Can Win

13Skills is off to an incredible start but we need the help of all you bloggers to make even more successful.  We have just crossed over 3,000 members and 30,000 goals set by those members.  Now we want to make a big push to get to 5,000 or more members by the end of the year and you can help with that.  All you have to do is blog about and you can win some awesome prizes.

Before you do though read the rules below, we will be judging entries based on the format below.  I am not going to reveal the scoring system but it will be a hard score and ties will be broken by Dorothy, David and I on a final vote of overall quality.

1.  Post on your blog or any blog you are a contributing member of about be sure to link to the main page of the site and your personal profile page.

2.  Explain the mission of the site, make sure to get across the concept of not just picking stuff and checking it off but actually stretching and challenging yourself in 2013 with either completely new skills or really making a big improvement in something you are already doing.   For instance an experience shooter may make a goal to take 3 different professional training classes in 2013.  Or perhaps to attend an Appleseed and qualify as a rifleman.  The goal is to drive home the point that we can all add or drastically improve something.

3.  Share your post on facebook and twitter and ask your followers and friends to share it as well.

4.  Talk about your personal goals in the post, be personal and explain why you choose to work on two specific areas.  Try to make this something that will relate to your readers beyond it just being a goals based site.  Talk about what it will mean if you complete these things personally and how if you complete at least 13 serious goals in 2013 it will help you be more independent and self sufficient.

5.  Discuss the need for restoring skills and knowledge to a nation that has forgotten how to fix things on our own, invent new things, build something rather that buy it, etc.

6. Bonus points are to be awarded for anything particularly awesome any individual comes up with.  This is the x-factor you can add if you are creative.

Once you post has been made send an email to skillgirl @ with “13Skills Blog Contest” in the subject.  Provide us with your name and shipping address in case you win, because hey you might and we have some great stuff to hand out.  We also need you to include a link to your post so we can judge it for the contest.

The contest will run from now until Dec. 21st 2012 (yep doomsday but we think we will all still be here).  Winners will be announced on air December 24th at the beginning of the 2012 Christmas Special.  So what can you win, here is a start.

So get blogging, pay attention to all the bullet points and let us know when your post is up.  Again be sure you like to both directly AND to your profile on as well.  In early January we are going to run a profile contest based on who submits the coolest profile so you non bloggers won’t be left out that time around.

PS – The coolest part is the above isn’t even all the prized we will add more to the list before the contest closes.

6 Responses to The Blog About Contest

  1. Wow I had an article already planned for Survivalpunk now I know I need to kick it up a notch! Jack go ahead and start shipping my prize I got this!

  2. I had been planning a post on this… Guess now I have a bit of a head start with rough outline above… Thanks. Nice prizes!

  3. happyprepperok

    Woohoo! This fits with one of the skills I had hoped to develop. Excellent.

  4. I don’t have a blog but want to start my 13 Steps, not to compete with the other members to share and develop support. So, if you could assist me in how I build a blog or blog site that would meet the criteria established by TSP, I would be very grateful, likely you can see I am a bit of a wiener when it comes to social networking, I don’t like or really trust Twitter or FaceBook, so can you point me In the correct direction so I can step to it, so to speak. Thank you

    • Modern Survival

      A blog is a blog, TSP has no requirements for a blog. This just a fun contest for bloggers. Now if you want to learn to blog there many ways to learn to do it for free, but don’t do it just for us.

      If someone wanted to learn to blog I would just say go to get a free wordpress hosted blog and start playing with it. If you have any trouble doing something go to youtube and just search for “how to ________ with wordpress” and there are about a million videos on the subject the there.

      Again though only do this if you want to be a blogger, don’t do it just for us.

      And this isn’t about competing with others when it comes skills again just a fun way that members can help spread the word and have a bit of fun. The best way to connect with and support others is to do so on the dedicated 13skills board on the TSP Forum.