The Arkansas Move – Phase Two

We are off to the Arkansas Homestead Again!

We are now entering what we are calling phase two of our big bug out to Arkansas.

This trip we are taking a ton of our stuff, we have also donated a ton of our stuff so we only have about 20% of our possessions left in the house in Arlington.

Our move is well on the way to completion with a target completion date of April 20th.

The real reason for this post though is to update you on a few things over the rest of this week, into Monday of next week.

First there will be no days with out a show.  I have shows loaded and ready to go from now through Monday the 14th.  In fact here is the line up…

  • Wednesday the 9th – Frank Sharpe Jr. from Fortress Self Defense
  • Thursday the 10th – Steve Palmer of ShelfReliance
  • Friday the 11th – Tawnya Sawyer of Colorado Aquaponics
  • Monday the 14th – Jason Akers of The Self Sufficient Gardener

Second while I am away response to tech support issues, MSB issues, general email etc will not be as swift as usual.  You may wait up to 12 hours to receive a response to an email.  This is also a bad time to send emails about requesting interviews, gear review requests, in depth proposals, etc.  Your email will be received, it will be read, your voice will be heard but if the issue is complex you are likely to get a better response if you hold off until Tuesday the 15th.   On the customer service stuff all inquires will be answered just don’t expect to get responses at 9pm or with in 15 minutes of sending them like most days.

Third, I want to share a bit about TSP’s future and how it is tied to this trip.   Since January of 2010 I have done TSP as a full time business and THANK YOU to everyone who helped make it happen.  I am grateful beyond words.   During this time I have officed from my home which has been a blessing and a curse.  Some days the dogs disrupt the show, some days I go into workaholic mode due to a lack of separation and my overall organization, guest scheduling, etc. isn’t optimal.

So we have made a decision to get an office in Hot Springs to run the business out of.  It is so ever loving cheap in that small town we really can’t pass on the opportunity.  So I am touring 5 potential spaces during my visit.  This will do a lot to improve recording quality, make guest spots easier to do, keep my wife happy, etc.  We can also get much better internet access and that will enable a lot more video uploading, etc.

Anyway folks I will be in touch by facebook and twitter during my absence and please enjoy the interview shows I did last week for you guys.  Also please excuse the lack of swift email replies, we will do our best but this is going to be one busy week.

10 Responses to The Arkansas Move – Phase Two

  1. “This will do a lot to improve recording quality, make guest spots easier to do, keep my wife happy, etc.”

    The latter is the most important brother, many thanks to your significant other for being so understanding. You are a lucky man!

    Great luck with the move and all future endeavors.

  2. I’m envious of your ability to move. My wife and I bought 20 acres in south central Missouri for retirement. That should happen in about 7 years. We bought the property outright and have the deed in hand. We’re also starting a gun sales business and will work at building it up so it can provide some funds when we retire. I don’t want to rely on a pension or 401K. Hope you excell and really enjoy Arkansas.

  3. It does help to have a separate space for “work” it makes it so much easily to put the burden down for a little while.

  4. Enjoy your time in the mountains.. 🙂

  5. Sounds awesome! Glad that you are getting closer and closer to your dream.

  6. This sounds awesome. I look forward to hearing and seeing more about your new location and office!!
    All the best to you and your wife. You have the most unique podcast out there, I’m proud and excited to be a member.

  7. Good luck and congratulations on the move, you have definitely earned it. I actually enjoy the little distractions, it fits you and your “realness.” I do understand the separation part though. Keep on keeping it real. I don’t know what side of town works best for you but don’t forget to get to the track every once in a while, not much is more humbling than seeing what those horses can do close up.

  8. Jack, you rock!

  9. Jack, you are a real inspiration! My wife and I are working hard to semi-retire before we turn 30. Thank you for saving us from a lifetime of debt and suffering.

  10. Sounds like you have planned well for this move. It’s exciting to hear you will have an office location. This will help for visitors and guests. I’ve always wanted to go to Hot Springs, now I have a perfect reason!