Episode-161- The AIG Bonuses Don’t Matter – Fine Tune Your BS Detector

Yes you read the title correct, that 120+ Million in bonuses for AIG executives really don’t matter. What we should be more concerned with is the 170+ billion that went to AIG in total, where did it go? What about the 13 Billion that AIG handed to Goldman Sachs with no strings attached? Oh and we are covering a LOT more today!

Today is the day to start fine tuning your bullshit detector! Hence I am serving up a multi-course steaming buffet of government lies, bullshit and misdirection, even a little bit from Alex Jones!

Tune in today to hear…

  • Are you a terrorist?  According to the State of Missouri you might be! Read the Report Here.
  • If you voted for Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin or Bob Barr you might be a militia terrorist
  • If you ever mention the constitution to a law enforcement officer you might be a terrorist
  • If you volunteer to help local law enforcement during a disaster, show up when it happens and help them render aid, you might be a terrorist (really you can’t make this up folks!)
  • If you believe in your sovereignty as a citizen you might be a terrorist
  • Do we in the survival community need to launch a PR Campaign?
  • AIG was purchased by the government not “bailed out”
  • As the buyer we also own the debt on AIG including the bonuses
  • The Congress knew it when they did the deal and spent our money
  • When everyone in government that usually fight with each other gangs up on an issue, your Bull Shit detector should peg to 9
  • AIG is in debt because they insured the stupidity of other companies such as Goldman Sachs that got 13 Billion dollars with no strings attached via the AIG buy out
  • We can’t even get it right in Texas folks
  • Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert says the voice of 67,000 Dallas citizens don’t matter, “This idea that everybody votes for everything – it sounds great back in New England in the 1700s.
  • City of Mesquite Managers piss away 84,000 dollars of tax payer money taking their family on vacations and then blame the guy that made the “travel pollicy hard to understand”
  • A Dallas judge says, “black folks have been cleaning up white folks’ messes for hundreds of years, so why should we expect any different now?” and does it in print, why is this guy still a judge?
  • In the stimulus debate President Obama said “the debate is over, everyone agrees we must take action”, doesn’t that sound like Al Gore and Global Warming
  • After Screwing up K-12 the Government wants “Universal Pre K”
  • A young man proves you can make it in America today – Salute of the Week!

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8 Responses to Episode-161- The AIG Bonuses Don’t Matter – Fine Tune Your BS Detector

  1. Liddy from a news report “”When you owe someone money, you pay that money back,” he said. “We at AIG want to believe that we are all in this together,” said Liddy, who was named six months ago to take over the company as part of the government rescue. Some $170 billion in tax money has now been pledged to AIG.”

    You go ahead and believe we are all in this together, that… is the problem. This made the very good start to my day suddenly turn sour. I am so freaking pissed right now I better not even get into what this makes me want to do.

    I haven’t listened to this podcast yet, but I have a feeling the sentiment will be very close to how I feel.


  2. I am a 52 year old grandma, and a terrorist…that’s funny.
    Great show.

  3. What a bunch of jerks ive lived in MISSOURI for 38 years my entire life just because you have firearms and like to shoot and hunt does not make you a threat. The police are smarter than that i have a bumper sticker that says gun control means using both hands. I was pulled over for speeding and the cop made a joke about it. He was not in fear of his life.I dont know were these idiots get this crap from. One day they will wake up and smell the roses but only when its to late.

  4. Jack and all,
    I just finished listening to thie episode and am reminded that the states and Feds have this database aleady existing within the 50 states of known potential radicals, militias, etc. SO why does this surprise any of you.. It came to my attention a few years ago when it became public out here in CO.. If anyone is concerned they can get a freedom of info form to chaeck your name and any group you belong to.

  5. Jack
    Thanks for the BS meter comments today. I was beginning to think I was the only one that thought it was all smoke and mirrors!

  6. I am a 59 year old mother and grandmother. *Be afraid, be very afraid!* ;^D
    I guess that if the government tells a lie (or many lies) often enough, we are supposed to believe it. Yeah, right!
    Sorry you pukes, it just makes me more angry. Telling lies indicates the level of disrespect one feels for others (and him/herself). It’s insulting!
    Boy! Are those idiots going to fall – HARD! They are too full of themselves. And the PEOPLE are waking up! We are beginning to see through them and their lies. (Some of us have been there for quite a while. Others are following.)

  7. fingerlickingood

    Yes Jack! We do need a PR campaign!!!

  8. oregoncactus

    Great show! Take a look at what is being piloted in education already, if you want to have blood shoot out of your eyes. Pilots are how they sneak things in.

    In my former school distric, they had a grant for the K-8 school to be a type of community center – breakfast, lunch, and dinner served to kids courtesy of the taxpayer.

    I served on an Education Service District board with a person who wanted school-based health clinics. This person even wanted minor-aged girls to be able to receive abortions without parental consent. Some pilots of health centers in schools were starting. These should be watched very carefully, since parents may not be notified of anything that happens if your child visits these school-based clinics.

    I see all this as a push to get more people hooked on the nanny state. 3 meals a day, social services, and health care for the entire family at the school. The focus was not on education, but on hooking people on government-provided life.