Technical Difficulties

Please stand by, squelllllllllzzzzzzzzhhhhhhhh!

Seriously folks due to a few errors I made in recording today’s show I have decided to not publish a show today.  We will be back tomorrow for our regularly scheduled time and place.


8 Responses to Technical Difficulties

  1. crap… guess I can’t go to work today without my TSPC… seriously, though, keep up the good work Jack, I love the podcast.

  2. Its all that talk of the stimulus last night and the excitement of it passing this morning that caused the issues.

  3. You know this show is like CRACK! I think the methadone is wearing off…….. 🙂

  4. The shakes are getting worse Jack.

    It’s like the African Zebra and Hippo scratching their arms wondering with Marlin Perkins was returning to give them another shot.

  5. must talk more about indie seceding..Leave the BS global warming to the Al Gore cretins who als want our kids to believe they are smarter than us and should be the ones in charge..
    Dont drink the kool-aid kids

  6. Love the show i have listened to every episode, i am a person who works at night, so you keep up and interested through out the night!! Thanks Jack!!

  7. Dang, I seriously am getting hooked. Keep up the great work, looking forward to hearing tomorrow’s show!

  8. Jack great show and love the information. So far the beer making has been my fav (truthfully every episode has been very insightful) I’d like to hear discussion about exchanging dollars into other currencies if other countries decide to pull the plug on the dollar, which currencies would be resilient to such a scenario or maybe hunkering down in another country and which country would be most independent from a world government or world currency if things ever go that far. I have traveled throughout South and Central America, Mexico and Europe and do understand how intertwine these markets are with United States. Just a thought that could be an interesting topic for one of your shows