Episode-1181- Glen Tate on 299 Days Book Six and Beyound

Book 4 in the 299 Days Series

Book 4 in the 299 Days Series

Glen Tate is the author of the ten-book prepper novel series “299 Days” published by Prepper Press.

The books describe an average guy who prepares for, and lives through, a partial collapse of the United States.

Glen joins us today to discuss a bit of the plot line for book six in the 299 Days book series.

Today we discuss how and ongoing collapse might play out.  We also discuss the potential need for “interim government” in a collapse scenario and what that might be like.  We also talk about Glen’s cool friends project and how it is evolving with folks like James Yeager of Tactical Response, Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers and John Willis of SOE Tactical Gear.

Glen is a moderator on the TSP forum under the name “Heavy G.” He lives and works in Olympia, Washington where he has a front row seat to the corruption in government. Much like the main character in the series, the author is a forty-something resident of the capitol of Washington State, Olympia, and is a very active prepper. He grew up in the remote logging town of Forks, Washington.

“Glen” keeps his identity a secret so he won’t lose his job because, in his line of work, being a prepper and questioning the motives of government is not appreciated.

The story line of 299 Days is as follows,

In it, the main character, Grant Matson, has a job that allows him to see what’s wrong with government. He realizes he needs to prepare for what’s coming and he does so. His wife, Lisa, is reluctant to prepare because she thinks things are just fine. When the civil unrest and political collapse hit in a dramatic way, it is undeniable that they need to leave their Olympia, Washington home and head to their cabin. But, Lisa is still reluctant; she desperately wants things to remain “normal.”

Out at the cabin, a collection of amazing–yet real–people assemble. They create their own community because the government isn’t functioning in their area. They have to work together and, as a community, they manage to achieve some impressive results. Unlike most prepper stories, in 299 Days America suffers a partial collapse. The utilities stay one (due to a spell-binding plot twist) and the government functions in larger cities. People in rural areas still get some food and services from the government, but must increasingly rely on themselves. There are no zombies or cannibalism; 299 Days describes a much more likely partial collapse scenario.

Grant’s friends, who work in government, describe how things continue to go down hill in the city and how the government is trying to maintain control. They describe exactly why the government, as big and powerful as it once was, cannot control things. Many in the military and law enforcement step in to stop the bad things; others in the military and law enforcement perpetuate the bad things.

After a while out at the cabin, some important visitors arrive and present Grant with a difficult choice. Eventually, the Patriots–the side Grant is on–are forced to take on what’s left of the former government. There is a huge battle. In the end, Grant has an important job at the beginning of the rebuilding.


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27 Responses to Episode-1181- Glen Tate on 299 Days Book Six and Beyound

  1. I absolutely love Glen’s series. I am in the middle of book 3. It is awesome. The coolest part of it is that as the story unravels and the this one thing coming up on the horizon, I ask myself how would I do it or what would I do in this situation. Then it happens in the book just as I thought it would. If Grant in the book portrays Glen in real life then I already think Glen is a super cool guy. Another cool thing I that I have to spend next two weeks in Shelton, Washington area, just north of Olympia, for my works marketing event an Will be reading the book right where the action is taking place. Thanks for an outstanding job you have done on those books Glen.

  2. Darn auto correct option. I meant Glen’s but it came out Blend. Sorry 🙂

  3. I have just added Glen Tate’s first book to my “book wish list”.
    And thank you Jack Spirko for all you do.

  4. Jack, can you please find and post a link for the guy in Niger growing the trees? I’d like to read more about it. Thanks!

  5. Jack,

    Off topic but I see the tsp mint MSB discount is gone and paraDIMES are out today. Is the discount no longer available?

    • Modern Survival

      There is no current discount. TSP Mint has been rolled into Coins for the Cause.

      If you don’t see a discount in the MSB it doesn’t exist.

  6. OMG there’s a kindle edition of the first book! I just read the first couple of pages. I’m so buying this!

  7. I am not a person to read fiction. It has been at least 30 years. But I may just have to give these books a try, They seem to be”fact based fiction”.

  8. I have all the series on Kindle. My mother-in-law was stealth reading them off our account and last time she was visiting she was on the last book.

  9. @Jack,
    Maybe I missed the episode, but have you talked about your trip to the Perm. Design of the public park? I was looking forward to your feedback as to what went on, what you learned and if it was up to the standards you expect… are you planning on doing a review of your trip up there? Please do!

  10. oh, PS…
    I am about 1/2 way through The Collapse and just ordered the other 4 books tonight…

    • Modern Survival

      I’m really still trying to figure out how to do that. It was an amazing experience for sure but sort of erratic and more like working 14 hour days then being in a typical class.

  11. Enjoyed the interview Jack. Also wanted to point out that I’m one of those people you mention in the interview. I was reading the first book on a flight to Oklahoma just this past Memorial Day and thought “hey, I wonder if this Jack Spirko guy is a real dude?” First show I listened to was an overview on Silver.

  12. Love the series! I rarely read fiction but after reading the first book I was hooked.

  13. Great interview. I always enjoy hearing you and Glenn talk about your thoughts on the state of the country. You’re both very switched on. Love the concept you both touched on, and you spoke about in more detail on yesterday’s show about getting the infrastructure for rebuilding together now, rather than waiting until after the collapse to do so. You’re right on track.

  14. Great interview! Thanks. Because of you Jack I learned about these books and have read them all. They are great.

  15. I love glen but I have to call him out on his murse bashing :). Because of tsp I started carrying a lot of edc items. A UTG messenger bag was the most practical way for me to do this. I In my bag I carry all my EDC stuff, knife, flashlight, phone charger, backup glasses, quick clot, water, pepper spray, key to open faucets, at times full frame XDM, cordage, etc… I would say don’t mess with those wearing messenger bags cause you don’t know what’s in there.

  16. Glen I never tire of listening to your interviews with Jack, and look forward to catching up on the series this fall as my work days on the farm begin to wind down. I just finished listening to this, came in the house for a moment and happened to catch this article on the Drudge Report. The irony of this report and your conversation with Jack is uncanny.

    Keep those books coming man!


  17. Glenn, this will probably sound rude but I do not mean it this way. I just started the first book. I’m reading the Kindle edition. There are a lot of editing issues with the Kindle edition. I’m submitting them and wonder if your publisher didn’t edit the electronic version as well as the print versions. I’m loving the book just finding lot of issues. Please, don’t take this comment to be rude or mean.

  18. Awesome interview, as usual. Glen is an incredibly interesting person to listen to and coupled with Jack, you can’t get enough.

    By the way, when you come out with the “I Miss America” stencils, put me down for a couple. I have a chain link fence I’ll put a piece of plywood on and spray paint it. It won’t affect my property value, but I can get the message out.

  19. Glen, when can we expect the audio books? I love your style of writing and it would really lend itself to audio.

    There are a lot of people who would be able to listen during a commute or even while working, who don’t have time or energy to read.

    Sounds stupid, but, lots of us are in that boat.

    I know it’s probably a low priority, but give some consideration as a “some day” project. Keep up the excellent work.


  20. I’m enjoying the series quite a bit. Just finished book 2 and plan on getting the rest. Keep it up!
    My only issue is that it seems like the first two books were very short, and should have been made one book. I don’t like paying $15 a pop for a book that doesn’t really stand on its own.

  21. I am unwilling to pay USD130.00 for a ten-part novel/series.

    • Modern Survival

      So don’t do it, I certainly won’t care and I doubt Glen will either. Plenty of people love his books, they buy them you don’t. But don’t go bitching about it.

  22. when is book #7 due out?