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Video Review of the First TSPMint.com Silver Medallion

This is a quick video review of our first ever TSPMint.com silver ant medallions.  I also show you the collectors edition Debt and Death Copper round contributed by Chris Duane of Silver Bullet and Silver Shield and The Greatest Truth Never Told.

Remember the free one ounce copper Debt and Death comes with any order of 5 or more silver rounds but ONLY until midnight on Sunday the 3rd of February, 2013.  After that the pricing including the member pricing remains at 2.99 and 1.99 over spot respectively but the copper collector round is no longer available at any price.

To get our new Silver Rounds visit TSPMint.com

To join the MSB for big discounts visit TSP Member’s Brigade

Growing Wild Edibles and the Transitional to a Fall Garden

This is a tour of our garden which is currently in a transitional stage, it also covers a few of the species I mentioned in yesterday’s show that we have harvested from the wild and now are cultivating in our garden such as purslane, lambs-quarter’s, amaranth and ground cherries.

There is kind of a moment at the end were as I am speaking I really come into touch with the fact that we will be leaving this house behind this winter when we move.  While I am very excited to move out of the city it did hit me just a bit that after all the years here of working and making this place into something special it will soon be turned over to someone else, someone who might remove my garden and plant good old civilized grass!  While I hope not it is up to the new home owner to either value or devalue the nitrogen rich organic soil we built.

Like I say at the end though, do it even if you will leave at some point, learn, gain the knowledge and make the place better than the way you found it.  While I will miss the place I don’t regret one second of the work we put into it or the countless meals that had something we grew for ourselves as part of them.

I am at the BOL today but there will be a show tomorrow it is already prerecorded and ready to go via the magic of automation and the wordpress blog platform,