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Episode-49- Around the Survivalist Blogoshpere – Take Two

Back on August 22’nd I did my first “Around the Survivalist Internet” show and it seemed to get good feedback so I figured it was time to do one for September.  Today we discuss six stories from blogs and online news sources and what they mean to us. Tune in today to hear…

  • What we are in store for with Hurricane Ike
  • Why some residents of New Orleans may end up in real trouble and why I don’t care (it ain’t being mean, listen to the show and it will make sense)
  • What is going on with a government take over of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (the good, bad and ugly)
  • Thoughts on keeping cash and other supplies on hand
  • The reality of not being able to “pick things up on the way out” during an evacuation
  • Investing in Silver – Is eBay a good source of silver coins?
  • Venezuela to host “Russian Navy Exercises” in the Caribbean
  • Chavez sending the message, “the Russians have my back”
  • Its’ official the City of Vallejo California is Bankrupt – “no blood from a stone” for the police and fire department unions
  • The damage done by the “Tin Foil Hat” type survivalists
  • Blowing the cover of those who lie about service and being a “war hero” etc.

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