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Episode-2083- Cooking Venison and Other Fish & Game

Property Trimmed Venison Flank Steak Seasoned With Salt and Pepper and Ready for the Pan

We are heading into the season of harvest and I figured for a fun show today I would talk about various ways to cook venison and a few other types of fish and game.

Cooking as many of you know is one of my passions, I love cooking becuase it is a special blend and a blend many don’t really think about.  Cooking when you think about it is a blending of….

  • Culture and Heritage
  • History
  • Science (mostly biology, chemistry and physics)
  • Practical Needs (we all have to eat and you have what you have)

I mean think about something like a classic Vietnamese cooking, one of the most sophisticated forms of cooking in the world.

Under Culture and Herritage you have a blending of classic south east Asian cultures and French Influences.  Which takes us right to history, as under French occupation that French influence came into being.  The science is there in many ways, but just examine the concept of all 5 flavors being present, salty, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy in every dish.  On practical needs, the main dishes consist of locally available food, much grown, raised and foraged by even the poorest residents.

This is true of all foods and in blending techniques, science, cultures, etc. we get what modern chefs call “fusion food” but Redneck Duck farmers like me simply call good eating.

Join Me Today To Discuss…

  • The rules of wild game specifically venison
    1. Don’t over cook it
    2. Gamey is not a flavor it means you screwed up
    3. If you are grilling or frying, cook hot and fast
    4. Use large piece if you are trying anything low and slow
    5. Ground venison and other game benefits from added fat
    6. Game is lean, see rule number one
  • Some ways to make venison many never even consider
    • Fried venison flank and breast meat with fried sun chokes
    • Braised venison shanks and fingerling potatoes – you will never grind one again
    • Smoked venison leg roast – better than prime rib
    • Chicken fried back strap
    • Grilled or fried deer heart
    • Biltong – the perfect survival food
  • Use that liver when you make sausage, or feed to dogs in MODERATION
  • Why I tend to not grind venison during butchering
  • Don’t discard bones, venison bone stock is amazing
  • Some other game and fish ideas
    • Simple fried bluegill or other panfish
    • Fish Tacos – really good with sandbass
    • Catfish Steaks – So Simple
    • Grilled Squirrel
    • Squirrel Stew
    • Ground Hog BBQ (try it, you will like it)
    • Duck and/or Goose Soup
    • Wild Hog Jalapeno Bacon Medallions
  • A bit on sauces, seasonings, marinades etc.

Resources for today’s show…

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Redneck Venison Pho and New Aquatic System Drains

Couple videos we did over the weekend.  First is what we call Redneck Pho (pho is pronounced fuh) this version is made with venison and quail.  Most of the time I actually do the broth for about 3-4 hours longer, chill over night in the fridge and remove any hardened fat/tallow from the top.  Then use the broth for Redneck Pho or other things.  But for the sake of this video I condensed it into one process.

Items mentioned in this video Items mentioned in this video are Red Yeti Shears  and the Stock Sock



Next up some modifications I made to out aquatic system on Sunday.  I came up with a simple cheap way to create overflow drains that should be 100% fool proof in never clogging.

NOTE – Concerns about the metal tanks, suggestions to try to make this aquatic system into an aquaponics system or fear mongering about PVC will be ignored and possibly deleted.  Sorry but after three years of explaining it, I am just done.  Some day soon I may do one video addressing these concerns one more time, but for the time being I am just done with nervous nillies and people that worry about non problems.