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Episode-247- 10 Methods of Storing Food for Modern Survival

Today we discuss dehydration, canning, prepared items, mres, root cellaring, smoking, in ground storage, freezing and other methods to preserve food long term.  In the intro segment we do an update on the status of “Audit the Fed”.

Methods of Food Storage we Discuss Today…

  • Dehydration
  • Canning
  • Common Storage
  • Long Shelf Life Commodities
  • MREs and Prepper Specialized Foods
  • Making Meads, Beers and Wines
  • Root Cellaring
  • Smoking
  • Freezing and Blanching
  • In Ground Vegetable Storage

Resources for today’s show…

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Episode-26- 9 Methods of Storing Food for the Modern Survivalist

Today’s show gives an over view of 9 different methods to store food and preserve it for future use. Tune in today to hear about..

  • Different methods of dehydration
  • Learn about zucchini chips
  • Using smoking as a preservation method
  • The secret to making African Biltong – You may never make another piece of jerky after this
  • Pickling for more then just pickles
  • The basics of pressure canning
  • The secret to blanching vegetables for great fresh taste after freezing
  • A few thoughts on country wines
  • A few ideas about root cellars
  • Tips on simple dry storage options

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