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TSP Workshop Fall Videos Posted to the MSB and Spring Workshop Announced

I have just added all the videos (20 of them) from the TSP Fall Workshop to the MSB.  They are all hosted on Vimeo, you can stream them or download them it is your choice.

Each video requires a password, the password and links to all the videos is posted on the “Video” Page in the MSB, you can log in here to access them.  If you are not a member consider joining today, the value of the information in these videos is easily worth a year of dues alone.

PLEASE NOTE in the MSB you will see a heading for these videos that says “Fall 2016 Videos from our TSP Workshop – These Videos are on Vimeo, you can download them there.  Used code _____ to access each of them. ”   That ONE CODE works for all of those videos.

Next Dorothy and I have settled on dates for our Spring Workshop, they will be March 23-25.  With set up on the 22nd and students can stay over until Sunday the 26th, to be off property by 11AM that day.

No further details or ability to sign up are available yet except the basic format will be like our fall event was.  A “fun and skills” theme with multiple instructors each doing about a one hour presentation.

On that note I am looking for people that want to teach a class.  This time I think we are going to do 5 classes a day for 3 days for a total of 15 sessions with some bonus sessions tossed in.  7 a day was a bit much in the fall event.

So I will not take every instructor that applies.  The deal for instructors is the same as last time.  If you are approved you get

  1.  A guaranteed seat at the class (last time we sold out in two hours)
  2.  A discount of 100 dollars off the event (due to space limits I can’t give instructors free seats)

To apply email me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com with TSPC event instructor in the subject line.  Pitch me your class and the basics of what it will include in one to two paragraphs.  If you email me and don’t hear back that I got it in 24  hours please reemail me so you don’t slip though the cracks.

I am going to give about 2 weeks of applications before making my decisions but will email you back that I got your application right away.

Last Chance to Sign Up for the Work With Jack Weekend this Saturday

We are running a short one day workshop on Saturday the 24th of September from 11AM to 730PM. In this workshop we will be doing the following.

  • Raising the back wall of the Aviary to about 9 feet to make more head room.
  • Putting in water and power to the green house
  • Tying in the new aquaponics systems
  • Having a lot of fun

I am allowing parents to bring children but setting the cut off age at 12. I am also stating flatly that kids that come should want to come and be part of the event. I do not want unsupervised kids running around the property chasing animals, breaking stuff etc.

To make this clear last time we had a group of kids here they took the floating ball that releases chlorine out of our pool and used it as a kick ball breaking it. Several also stressed out our animals by chasing them. Such activity will be met with an immediate dismissal from the farm. We expect you to know your kids and what they can and can’t handle.

Cost of the workshop is 25 dollars, as always we are going to feed the hell out of you, we will have a great assortment of micro brew on hand.

For many of you who are local and could not attend the fall event for any reason this is a great chance to see the aquaponics system as it is put into full function and learn from our instructor (David) during the install.

To sign up complete the form below. Please understand that your reservation is not complete until you complete payment which you will do after filling out the form. If for any reason the form fails to display for you on this page you can directly access it here.

Fill out my online form.

Work With Jack Weekend for September 24th 2016

We are running a short one day workshop on Saturday the 24th of September from 11AM to 730PM.  In this workshop we will be doing the following.

  • Raising the back wall of the Aviary to about 9 feet to make more head room.
  • Putting in water and power to the green house
  • Tying in the new aquaponics systems
  • Having a lot of fun

I am allowing parents to bring children but setting the cut off age at 12.  I am also stating flatly that kids that come should want to come and be part of the event.  I do not want unsupervised kids running around the property chasing animals, breaking stuff etc.

To make this clear last time we had a group of kids here they took the floating ball that releases chlorine out of our pool and used it as a kick ball breaking it.  Several also stressed out our animals by chasing them.  Such activity will be met with an immediate dismissal from the farm.    We expect you to know your kids and what they can and can’t handle.

Cost of the workshop is 25 dollars, as always we are going to feed the hell out of you, we will have a great assortment of micro brew on hand.

For many of you who are local and could not attend the fall event for any reason this is a great chance to see the aquaponics system as it is put into full function and learn from our instructor (David) during the install.

To sign up complete the form below.  Please understand that your reservation is not complete until you complete payment which you will do after filling out the form.  If for any reason the form fails to display for you on this page you can directly access it here.

Fill out my online form.

Group Hotel Rate Info for the Oct. Workshop

The vast majority of students do camp but some like a hotel room so we always arrange a group rate for you guys.

Our best results have been with a local Holiday Inn, it is only about a 10-15 minute drive from our place.    Here is the hotel info…

Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suits
3541 N.W. Loop 820
Fort Worth, TX 76106
Phone – 817-744-7755Hotel Website

We have 2 queen rooms and 8 kings held.  The rate we got you is 87 dollars a night, which is a great rate for a nice hotel in this area.

To get this rate you need to call in your reservation, just tell them you are with The Survival Podcast and they will hook you up.  If you run into any issues our contact there is Property Manager Jennifer Camp, you can just ask for her and she will make sure you get the rate.  Anyone who answers the phone should be able to set you up so please only ask for Jennifer if there is some sort of problem.

These rooms are held for our group until September 26th.   After that I believe they will still honor the rate but the can’t guarantee availability.

Dates Announced for this Fall’s TSP Workshop Oct. 26-30


Dorothy and I have decided to go with only one fall workshop this year and it is going to be an awesome one.  This work shop will cover more subjects than any other single workshop we have ever done.

Here are some subjects we will be covering…

  • Aquaponics
  • Bee Keeping
  • Mead Making
  • Radio Communications
  • Soap Making
  • Knife and Tool Sharpening
  • Cooking
  • Composting
  • Join Land Purchases for BOLs, Hunting Clubs, etc.
  • Making Herbal Medicines
  • Making Biltong
  • And More

In fact I am still looking for instructors who will receive a 100 dollar discount in return for teaching a one hour class.  My goal for this workshop is 16-18 one our sessions over 3 days.  If you want to be considered as instructor just email me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com with “TSPC Instructor” in the subject line.

On top of this we will as always serve up amazing food, have an awesome barter blanket night, have great live music, an amazing mead tasting session and more.   Since we are doing only one this fall we are going with a seat count of 38 students, which is a bit of a push for our property but we want to be as inclusive as we can be.

Cost will be 500 a seat and if history repeats itself it will sell out fast.  Tickets will go on sale with a 100 dollar deposit to hold your seat and balance due upon arrival.  As always MSB members will get 48 hours to claim a seat before we open them up to the general public.  More details will come soon.

tspclass tspclass2 tspclass3 tspclass4 tspclass5

A Call for Presenters for the TSP Fall Workshop


Almost all our workshops up till now have been mostly permaculture related.  Planting trees, earthworks, building greenhouses, etc.  This fall (either Oct. or Nov.) we are doing one workshop.  Two was too much for us last year.

This time we are doing basically a Fun and Skills workshop.  Our goal is a lot of variety and almost no real phyical work for our students.  Some of our typical instructors will be teaching along with some new ones.  Right now some examples we have planned are…

  • Making Soap – Mindy and Josh of Honey Locust Home
  • Setting Up Joint Property Ownership for a Gun Club, Hunting Club or other Uses – John Pugliano
  • Aquaponics with On Site Demo – David Seigler
  • Making Mead Like a Viking – Jereme Zimmerman (not fully confirmed)

Other instructors that are offered an open invitation include Michael Jordan, Nick Ferguson, Patrick Roehrman and some others you know and love.  I will be doing something with outdoor cooking, what yet I don’t know, perhaps we may even have a huge community grill and do some grill your own stuff.

Today though I am throwing out a call for any and all that want to come and teach a one hour class or perhaps two one hour classes.  My plan is 6 one hour classes a day, over three days is 18 classes.  The class can be demo, hands on or power point, or a show and tell but you must be able to pull it off in one hour to keep to schedule.

Doing six hours a day also gives plenty of time for socializing, catching a nap, what have you.

You can get creative and use your own time to get a project fully set up or partially done.  Then present on it for an hour so you still make the time cut off.  So think outside the system.   Understand this though I can’t pay this type of instructor or even let you come for free.  As any who have been here know we stack the traffic and can only take so many.

Teaching a workshop will result in a discount on the cost which is always 500 dollars.  I am thinking 20%. You will still have to either camp on site (which most do) or get a hotel room.  I can’t provide indoor lodging as that space is already claimed.

So what type of classes am I looking for?  Anything homestead related, I don’t even want to give examples because I am interested in the ideas you guys have.  If you want to suggest a subject do that below, but if you want to apply, send me a BRIEF email with the basic idea to jack@thesurvivalpodcast.com with TSPC Event Instructor in the subject line, and I will consider you.

The most likely days right now will be Oct. 20-22 with set up for campers on the 19th.  The second most likely would be Nov. 3-5 with set up on the 2nd for campers.  There is a 99% chance it will be one of those two times, and I would say 90% it will be Oct 20-22.

This is going to be an amazing workshop and with only one it will sell out likely in 48hours or less when I open sales.  As an instructor you will know  you have a spot locked down.

As always we will have amazing food, live music, barter blanket, beer and mead tastings and more.  Before anyone asks, no you can’t reserve a seat now, no you can’t pay me early and we won’t likely open reservations and lock down final dates until about August 31st.

TSP and Nine Mile Farm Homestead Skills Nov. Workshop is now Open for MSB Members

From now until Wednesday morning the Fall Workshop is open for MSB Members to sign up and make their deposit. The workshop runs from Nov. 12-14 with on site camping and set up from Nov. 11-15.

To make your deposit, just go log into your MSB account and you will see a link to register in BOLD RED right at the top, you can’t miss it.

Log Into Your MSB Account Here

To give you a feel for how jam packed this event is, here is the current schedule, subject to revisions due to harsh reality of course.  In this case there absolutely will be revisions to the schedule but at least the subjects on it will be covered, we may cut back on silvo pasture to add more.

You Just Never Know what will Happen at a TSP Event!

What this workshop will cover

  • Silvopasture Establishment in Harsh Environments
  • Irrigation Installation
  • Raising Quail for Meat and Eggs
  • Processing Quail and Cooking Quail
  • Sketch Up Based Design
  • Nine Mile Farm Operational Walk Though
  • Green House Set Up
  • Micro Greens Production and Business Start Up
  • Investing and Financial Management
  • Plant Propagation
  • Honey Bee Management
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Live Music
  • Great Food
  • Barter, Community Building and More

Join us for a fun learning experience. For this event we have a strict limit of 34 people.

Schedule – None of this is set in stone, we will adapt to any weather events and such.

Wednesday Nov. 11thOur Property will be open any time after 2PM. This time is mostly just for setting up campsites. We do always toss some brats or sausage on the grill and have a social gathering with beers and just getting to know each other as well. This is very informal and just hanging out for those who show up early.

Thursday Nov. the 12th Lunch and dinner provided, breakfast is a light continental style on the first day)

  • 8:00 – 9:00 – Coffee and Breakfast Bars, etc. and Property/Safety Briefing
  • 9:00 –12:30 – Class – Installing Silvopasture and Irrigation
  • 12:00 -1:30 – Lunch
  • 1:30 -4:30– Class – Installing Silvopasture and Irrigation
  • 4:30 – 5:00 – Break and Clean Up
  • 5:00 – 6:00 – SketchUp Based Design
  • 6:30 – 7:30 – Dinner
  • 7:30 – ???? – Drinks, Music, Barter, etc.

Friday Nov. the 13th (three meals provided)

  • 9:00 – 10:00 – Breakfast
  • 10:00 – 12:00 Quail Processing and Cooking Prep
  • 12:00 -1:00 – Open Hour for Work Ins and Arounds
  • 1:00 – 2:30 – Lunch and Break Time
  • 2:30 – 3:30 – MicroGreens Part One
  • 3:30 – 4:30 – Finance and Investing Session One of Two
  • 4:30 – 5:00 – Break
  • 5:00 – 6:00 – Plant Propagation with Nick Ferguson
  • 6:00 – 7:00 – Seed and Plant Exchange
  • 7:30 – 8:30 – Dinner
  • 8:30 – ???? – Drinks, Music, Barter, etc.

Saturday Nov. the 14th (three meals provided)

  • 9:00 – 10:00 – Breakfast
  • 10:00 –12:00 – Beekeeping with Michael Jordan
  • 12:00 -1:00 – Finance and Investing Session Two of Two
  • 1:00 -2:30 – Lunch
  • 2:30 – 3:30 – Greenhouse Set Up Walk Through
  • 3:30 – 4:30 – Microgreens Part 2
  • 5:30 – 6:30 – Q&A With Nick, John, Jon and Jack
  • 6:30 – 7:00 – Break and Clean Up
  • 7:30 – 8:30 – Dinner
  • 8:30 – ???? – Drinks, Music, Barter, etc.

Sunday Nov. the 15th. 

  • 10:00 AM – Coffee, breakfast bars and left overs put out.
  • 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM – Goodbyes please consider helping us pick up before you go. (all guests to depart by 11:00 AM)



  • There are local hotels within 15 minutes of our property; we are getting a group rate, details to follow after you reserve space.
  • We have large steel frame buildings with large bay doors that open for a breeze. If you want to bring a cot or such and claim a spot inside for sleeping space is unreserved and first come first serve, no reservations necessary. No charge. We are suggesting our outer building for this as others may be using the TV and such in the 3 Bay Garage attached to the house, but the choice is yours.
  • If you want to tent camp on the property, space is first come first serve, no reservations needed. No charge. We will let you know what areas are open for this though.
  • We have about 8 locations with trees suitable for those that want to hammock camp, first come first served. We have never had a space issue for hammock campers.
  • NO RVS AND NO TRAILERS OF ANY KIND ON PROPERTY AT ALL NO EXCEPTIONS there is a near by RV Park if you want to sleep in your RV.

Frequently Asked Questions about TSP Events.

  • Question – Where is this event?

  • Answer – After you sign up you will get a document with all event details. The address is only given to students who have paid a deposit. But for your planning purposes we are near Azle Texas. That is just north of Fort Worth.

  • Question – What is the best airport to fly into?

  • Answer – The best bet is Dallas-Fort Worth International (DFW) it is only about 35 minutes assuming traffic isn’t at peak from our home. The only other viable option is Dallas Love Field (DAL) this may save you money if Southwest Flys direct from your airport but it is a longer drive. I would plan on an 1 hour and 15 minutes or more despite what google maps will tell you if you fly into Love Field.

  • Question – What type of food is served at these events?

  • Answer – The key word is meat but we have other stuff too. Generally we serve eggs (from our own flock) for breakfast with bacon and sausage and tortillas for breakfast with awesome local salsa and fixings. We also include a selection of fruit, breakfast bars, etc. Lunch is deli meats, chicken salad, left overs from dinner the night before and other things. This year we are planning some new things for lunch including awesome shredded chicken from our own birds and Dorothy’s amazing meat balls. Sometimes we have soups or other similar items for lunch. Dinner is usually rotisserie chicken one night, brisket another night and smoked pork shoulder the other night. Generally some awesome sausage finds its way into our menu as well. A full lunch and dinner are provided all three course days. We provide only coffee, fruit and breakfast bars on the first day for breakfast. We provide full breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday we provide coffee, breakfast bars, fruit and left overs.

  • Question – What are the camping conditions like?

  • Answer – The key word is primitive. We allow tent camping on site just about anywhere on our property. We have an outbuilding that we let people put a cot or air mattress in but it usually gets pretty full and it is first come first served. There are plenty of trees for hammock camping as well. Most folks enjoy camping because you can have adult beverages and not worry about driving and the people are just awesome to hang out with. Most nights people end up staying up late talking and having a lot of fun playing pool, darts, spending time at the camp fire etc. November is usually pretty comfortable temperature wise especially at night but it rains often so be prepared for that. And be prepared for some cold nights! Average Nov. Temps are 66 for the High and 43 for the low, but we have seen Nov. Temps in the high 80s and occasionally lows in the 20s or lower!

  • Question – Is there a good hotel near by?

  • Answer – There is a great holiday inn, we get you a group rate and it varies but it is very nice hotel and we have normally gotten a rate of about 82 dollars in the past plus tax. When you sign up just indicate if you want a hotel so we have a head count for group rate info.

  • Question – Can students share a rental car, a ride to the airport, a hotel room, etc.?

  • Answer – Sure but to be blunt we do not get involved in that. We have way too much work to do so that you guys have a good experience when you get here. I view it this way from the time you get on my land till you leave it is my responsibility to make sure you learn, have fun and are well fed. Off site I leave it to you to deal with things. However, we have a private email list and many students work out things like this between themselves on it. Make sure to join it as soon as you get your instructions packet as their will be information on it.

  • Question – I have a question that isn’t answered here, should I sign up, I don’t want to loose my deposit?

  • Answer – When I send out the instruction document you have 48 hours to review the document, if something is a deal breaker you can cancel with a refund in the first 48 hours. After that this is my refund policy and I think it is as fair as I can be with it. My events always sell out but the closer we get the harder it is to back fill a no show. If I can sell your spot I give you a refund, if I can’t sell your spot due to it being to close to the event date, I don’t refund it.

  • Question – Will you take bitcoin for this event? What about silver?

  • Answer – I have a huge capital outlay on these events so I can’t take silver. I can only take PayPal for the deposit (you can use a credit card without a paypal account) but I will take bitcoin by special arrangement for the balance due but it will have to be at least one week prior to the event. If you want to do this, email me for arrangements.

Gauging Interest in a Mini Workshop

We are considering doing a workshop on setting up a green house.  This would be mostly for locals, I doubt many would travel very far for this but you’d be welcome to if you wanted to.  This would possibly be around Dec. 6th and likely cost say 100 dollars.  It would be an all day class and hang out.  If anyone really wanted to crash here we likely would sort that out.

We would supply lunch and dinner that day, likely cap it at 12 and need at least 8 to make it worth doing.  We are not sure about doing this so right now we are just gauging interest.

We would likely have the green house partly assembled prior to the class.  The shop would be on pluming, setting up in house beds, running power and just a great day of hanging out.  Of course it will likely be cold as shit and rain or snow or ice or something we don’t want, but it will be fun anyway if we do it.



Important Notice for All Attending the Food Forest Workshop

All registered attendees should have our document which must be brought with you in full, all pages initialed and signed.  You should also read it, not just skim it as it prevents a lot of problems with our gates, animals and property if read.

Next in that document there are instructions to join a Yahoo Email list, you should JOIN THIS LIST.  I have found often my attempts to directly email people about things like “workshops” and “hotels” among other words will often end up filtered as SPAM.  Joining this list is the BEST WAY TO INSURE THAT YOU GET ALL IMPORTANT UPDATES AND CHANGES.

I do not know why for the life of me some seem so opposed to Yahoo Groups email lists, it is frankly maddening.  You DON’T need a Yahoo account, the document has instructions to just send an email to subscribe and one to unsubscribe if you want off after the event.  This list is also an “insiders list” of people who have been to an event only.

To be BLUNT I do send emails to all individuals to make sure I get info out on group hotels and other updates, BUT if you refuse to get on the group list I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE if you don’t get something deemed important.   For instance for those of you staying at hotels this one is going to be complex, there is a major NASCAR race and some other big event in town, rooms are more expensive and harder for us to come by.

I feel many will want to double up on rooms, etc.  The list is where you can do that with others, or set up airport ride shares etc.  I provide this list so that can be done and so students can talk to each other before and after events.  Again if you don’t use the list and you don’t get important information, all I can say is I tried.  LOL.

If you are signed up and have not gotten your document, email me asap about that.

Earthworks Seminar Nov. 21-23 at the Spirko Homestead – Open to MSB Members First

Our Urban Garden Design workshop was an awesome success and it led us to a basic plan for the area that was the focus of the design seminar.  That basic design led us strait into a major component of a zone 4 food forest.  For those that understand permaculture yes we are saying a single element (a swale) will become part of both zone one and zone four and the two will transition seamlessly.  It won’t seem radical once you see it!

As many of your also know that have been here, we have very good but very shallow soils.  The area for these earth works has a foot at best, then some chunk rock then slab limestone.  Yep tough to work with.  However we now have the plan, we are going to be running three major swales, we would call them mid sized.  In the range of 4 feet wide by about 8-10 inches deep depending on the hard pan when we begin to dig.

The awesome part is that two of the three swales will allow us to exploit a major roof run off on a building catching over 44,000 gallons of rain per year.   All in all we will be installing about 360 feet of swale.  Additionally there are some unique challenges with these shallow soils.  Given the swales can only be about 8-10 inches deep the down grade side of them will have fairly small mounds, so we will be trucking in additional mounding material from a local source.

Again the top swale will actually find its genesis right in the middle of a planned zone one urban style permaculture garden and take half of our roof run off to our outer pasture on an initial swale of about 80 – 90 feet in length.  At that area we are installing a 2500 gallon poly tank, which will act much like a small dam as it will capture water until it reaches overflow when it will spill into the top swale.

We will be digging the swales with an excavator but once dug we will be shaping the berms and swale bottoms largely by hand.  This is again to deal with the unique situation.  I learned this manual shaping approach from Ben Falk at Whole Systems Design and it is actually really easy to do with a large group like we will have.  The berms will be topped off with the high quality soil we are trucking in, they will then be cover cropped with a winter mix and mulched with a large amount of hay.  We will be doing some improvement to the areas between the swales as well (interswale) which will also be cover cropped for use in rotational grazing.

While this workshop won’t include planting trees, it will include planning the eventual tree plantings down to the species and spacings with a ratio of 7 support trees to every one long term productive tree.  This planning alone for many will be worth the entire cost of the event.

This course is ideally suited to students that want to perform earth works for food forest establishment on mid sized land tracts of 1-5 acres.  Our entire property is about 3 acres and this area we are working is just under one full acre.  It is also ideal in that it will teach you massive amounts about function stacking and adaptation to tough environments.  Once you learn to work in this environment swaling any location afterwords should be a walk in the park.

The cost of this course will be 425 dollars which covers meals, instruction and if you choose to camp on site, camping.  The course requires a 200 dollar deposit via PayPal.  You can use a credit card for this with Paypal even if you don’t have a PayPal account by the way.  The other 225 is due upon arrival.  The basic schedule will be as follows…

  • Wednesday night – you can arrive early to set up camp but nothing official is happening
  • Thursday – Saturday We will begin working about 930 AM, breakfast is not included on day one but we will have coffee, fruit and breakfast bars available.  Lunch and Dinner are included on day one and will be awesome as always.  On Friday and Saturday we are providing breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Sunday – While the event technically ends Saturday at dinner many students stay over Saturday night to hang out and have fun.  Sunday in the morning we serve a light Breakfast about 930 and do a final Q&A with everyone who is still there, everyone to leave the property by 11 AM so we can get back to our normal routine and frankly take a long nap!

These workshops are like nothing else available that I know of in the permaculture world.  Our dinners consist of things like pork shoulder and brisket, awesome smoked sausage and if you leave hungry it is your fault.  We have a barter blanket exchange that was a massive hit last time.  We provide a selection of “adult beverages” for consumption after hours and have a blast in general.  We do a seed exchange and I just open up much of my personal seed supply as well on a take what you need basis.  Attendees almost become part of a “club” so to speak with relationships that extend beyond the event.

In the words of several attendees now, “If TSP did a seminar on paint drying, I would attend for the experience alone”.

I am also starting something new with this seminar.  MSB Members get a week to sign up before I open it up to all.  These events have sold out very quickly in the past with no real promotion.  To sign up for this event, just log in to your MSB account.  On the first page there will be a link right at the top for you to sign up.

The last event was a bit much with a headcount of 30 so we are scaling back to a head count of 24 on this one.  Deposits are refundable IF and only IF I am able to fill your slot if you cancel.

Lastly I am looking for one person who wants to be hired as a full time helper for this event.  What we have done until now is take a person or two as a helper in exchange for letting them attend.  The problem has been that we then feel bad pulling them out of a part of the class to do work.  So instead this time we are paying a helper.  While you will get the experience of the event you will likely spend at least half your time doing things for the event from cooking to serving and cleaning up.

This job is therefore a job for pay, you will be reporting to my intern Josiah during this time.  The job begins Thursday morning and runs though Saturday night.  It will pay 240 dollars cash, which is 80 dollars a day.  Again I do want to point out whoever does this will likely have a blast but it is a job and your focus will be on helping run the event.    This means you are absolutely going to miss quite a bit of instruction, Q&A, etc.    If you are interested in this position please email me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com and put event help in the subject line.  Include anything you think is relevant in us choosing you for this position.

Everyone else if you are MSB and want to sign up go log in now and use the link there to do so.  If and that is a big IF any spots remain on Oct. 31st I will make them available to any who wish to take them.

PS – Full details are given such as our address and directions along with arrival instructions after the class is full and provided to paying students only.

We generally get a group rate at a hotel for those that want to use that option and for those coming from out of state by air, DFW Airport is the best airport, though Love Field in Dallas is an option a well.  While we only provide our address to registered students, we are very close to Azle, Texas so you can use that to see if travel is viable for your needs.