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Set Your Reminder for Saturday – TSP18 is Going to Be Amazing

Just a hump day reminder that on Saturday at 8AM central tickets to the TSP18 Fall Workshop go on sale.  To sign up you will need to log into your MSB account on Saturday at 8 AM to find the special sign up link.  It will be on the home page in huge bright red letters.

This year is going to be amazing, live music, amazing food, great guests, mead tastings, old and new friends.  Awesome SWAG, just check out the video below…



To see the full agenda, check this post out and to find out about our awesome SWAG Packs check out this post.


Agenda for the 2018 Fall Workshop Announced

The TSP 2018 Fall Workshop will be on Nov. 7-11.  Tickets will go on sale on Saturday, Sept. 29th, 2018.    Tickets will be available only to MSB members for the first 48 hours and I expect them to sell out in less than 24.  To get your tickets log into the MSB at 8AM on the 29th, and that is Central Standard Time.  There will be a link on the home page to sign up when you log into your MSB account.

The following is the agenda so far, there will be some small adjustments but this is the basic plan…

Wednesday, Nov. 7 – Reception day, students can arrive any time after 2PM and set up camp sites.  We do drinks and brats and such for that evening.  Just really a social thing.  Get settled in for the week ahead.

Thursday, Nov. 8th –  Small-scale Agriculture and Aquaculture and High Density Food Production

Nicole Sauce Mistress of Ceremonies

  • Breakfast
  • Nick Ferguson and David Seigler on Back Yard Food Production
  • Jon Dowie – Micro-Greens Growing
  • Lunch
  • Jack Spirko – Aquaponics with Hands On Bed Construction
  • Panel Discussion (Nick Ferguson, Jon Dowie, David Seigler & Jack Spirko)
  • Tell Your Story in 5ish Minutes – Everyone
  • Dinner
  • Cole Risner concert (this guy rocks)

Friday Nov. 9th TSPC 10th Anniversary Celebration 2.0  – This day is going to be an all day social experience with lots of learning about good food and drink. 

Nicole Sauce Mistress of Ceremonies

  •  Breakfast
  •  David Seigler and Nicole Sauce -Bloody Mary history and Bloody Mary banquet bar
  • Jon Dowie: Micro green salads and coctails brought to you by the “Microgreen Mafia”
  • Jack Spirko – How to make ceviche, yes it is safe shut up and eat it.
  • David and Nicole –  Poinsettias (Bubbly, Cranberry and orange liqueur)
  • Jack and David Squash and apple soup and apple-pie flavored fuel discussion and sampling
  • Jack – Lets jerk the hell out of some chicken
  • David and Nicole – All about Old-Fashions
  • Jack – Sausage making and samples of Duck Sausage, Rabbit Sausage and Rattlesnake Sausage
  • David, Jack and Nicole: Martini University
  • Dinner – For the Protection of your liver we are serving up a carbtastic pasta dinner with free range Nine Mile Farm Turkey and Crack Bread.
  • Barter Blanket!!! – What happens on the blanket stays on the blanket.

Saturday – Nov. the 10th.  – Build your business for Better Self Reliance.

David Seigler – Master of Ceremonies

  • Breakfast
  • Jon Dowie – How the Microgreens Mafia pushes product
  • Nicole Sauce – Going from hobby to hustle.
  • Lunch
  • John Pugliano – All About Money
  • Jack  Spirko – An analysis of 4 successful internet businesses.
  • Panel Discussion Entrepreneurship – Jack Spirko, John Dowie, Patrick Roerhrman and Nichole Sauce.
  • 18:00 – 19:00 M. Jordon: High energy mead talk
  • 19:00 –20:00 Dinner
  • Jack Spirko, Michael Jordon and Nick Ferguson –  Mead, cider, beer social sampling circle.

Sunday – Nov. the 11th.  – You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.  Everyone off property and cleaned up by 11 AM.

Believe it or not that really isn’t everything but it gives  you a good idea of what we will be up to this time around.  Patrick Roerhman will also being doing a hands on build a knife workshop, for a very limited number of students, like say four.  And don’t forget the amazing SWAG Packs you can only get at this event.  If you have any questions just post them below.

This Video Gives you a Small Taste of What it will be Like.



Two Seats to the Fall Workshop are Open

UPDATE – The two tickets sold since I posted this and are no longer available.

This weekend I had two cancellations, so it is short notice to make arrangements but an opportunity to come if you want to.

You can get details here http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/fall-shop-9-9-17

As always this year we sold out in 48 hours but as often happens life got in the way for two people, if you want to attend email me with TSP FALL in the subject line at jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com

Classes are Thursday the 9th – Saturday the 11th.  Students show up for a social gathering and to set up camp on the 8th and can stay on property until 11am the 12th.

Cost is 500 dollars with a 100 dollar deposit.

  • A schedule of events is here.
  • If you want to see how we will be eating I have published the menu here.  Most say the food alone is worth at least half the cost of attending.

As this is last minute I am willing to work out payment terms if necessary if it helps you attend.  Say 100 deposit, 200 on arrival and the final 200 anytime before the end of the year.

Reminder the Fall Workshop Goes on Sale Tomorrow

One last reminder the fall workshop goes on sale at 9AM CST tomorrow.  From then until 9AM CST Saturday the sale will be open to MSB Members only.  To order you will have to log into the MSB at that time.  A link to order will be in BOLD RED at the top of the main login page.  Again it won’t be there until 9AM CST Thursday Sept. 14th.

Full details about the workshop are here.

Cost as always is 500 dollars, a deposit of 100 is needed to hold your spot.  The balance is paid upon arrival.  Deposits are technically non refundable but my actual policy is, if you cancel and I can sell your seat, I refund the deposit, if I can’t you lose it.

I generally have a waiting list but when people cancel only a few days before the event, often the people on it can’t attend at that point.  I find this policy to be fair, I hope you guys do as well.

Group Hotel Info for the March Workshop

If you are coming to the fall workshop and want a hotel we have a group rate for you at the Holiday Inn Express at 3541 NW Loop 820, this is about a 10-15 minute drive tops from our place.

The rate is 87 dollars, there are 10 king rooms and 5 double queen rooms available.  The number to reserve your room is 817-744-7755.  Just call and reserve your room, tell them you want the group rate and you are with The Survival Podcast.  We have these rooms held at this rate until the 21st of this month.

If there is any confusion when you call our contact there is Jennifer Camp.

The Hotel Website is here, http://bit.ly/2l8vsw9

Dates Announced for this Fall’s TSP Workshop Oct. 26-30


Dorothy and I have decided to go with only one fall workshop this year and it is going to be an awesome one.  This work shop will cover more subjects than any other single workshop we have ever done.

Here are some subjects we will be covering…

  • Aquaponics
  • Bee Keeping
  • Mead Making
  • Radio Communications
  • Soap Making
  • Knife and Tool Sharpening
  • Cooking
  • Composting
  • Join Land Purchases for BOLs, Hunting Clubs, etc.
  • Making Herbal Medicines
  • Making Biltong
  • And More

In fact I am still looking for instructors who will receive a 100 dollar discount in return for teaching a one hour class.  My goal for this workshop is 16-18 one our sessions over 3 days.  If you want to be considered as instructor just email me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com with “TSPC Instructor” in the subject line.

On top of this we will as always serve up amazing food, have an awesome barter blanket night, have great live music, an amazing mead tasting session and more.   Since we are doing only one this fall we are going with a seat count of 38 students, which is a bit of a push for our property but we want to be as inclusive as we can be.

Cost will be 500 a seat and if history repeats itself it will sell out fast.  Tickets will go on sale with a 100 dollar deposit to hold your seat and balance due upon arrival.  As always MSB members will get 48 hours to claim a seat before we open them up to the general public.  More details will come soon.

tspclass tspclass2 tspclass3 tspclass4 tspclass5

Join Me for A Fun Day of Planting and Fencing Work – Saturday April 2nd.

Come Spend a Day with Us at Nine Mile Farm

Come Spend a Day with Us at Nine Mile Farm

We had an absolute blast at last week’s work with Jack weekend, 16 people showed up and hundreds of trees were planted and lots of great food and adult beverages were consumed.

This next time around we still have some ferreting out to determine exactly what we will be doing, likely some sheet mulching and finishing up on some fencing I am already doing on my own.

In any event it will likely be 3 hours of work tops this time, so we will do a property walk, some whiteboard work, questions and answers and as always eat really good and have a blast.

We will start with a safety briefing about 10:30, drink a cup of coffee, get everyone introduced and start work about 11:00.  For lunch this time I think I will make you guys brisket and sausage!

While we don’t do a full barter blanket at these events feel free to bring items for sale or trade.  Cost is 15 dollars a head, kids under 14 are free, family rate which includes kids over 14 and spouses is only 25 dollars.  Please bring cash with you.  To reserve your spot just complete the form below.

If for any reason you have to cancel after you reserve, just email me so I have an accurate head count.

Once you complete the form you will go to a page with all event instructions, PLEASE book mark it or print it out right away and bring one signed last page for every member of your group with you on Saturday.

If you have any issues with the form displaying here, use this link to directly access the form on Wufoo.

The small 15 dollar charge at these events covers food, beer, cider, etc.  They are certainly not for profit ventures.  If you want to buy some duck eggs while you are here our inventory has been pretty good lately and they are 8 dollars a dozen as always.

Join Me This Saturday for Operation Aviary


I have made some real progress on the quail aviary.  The panels are all up, all the walls on the end and to divide the sections are up and ready to roll.  I have 6 rolls of hardware cloth just delivered and am ready to cover it and build and frame in the doors.

We will also be trenching in about 100 feet of pipe to provider water for the system and doing some other cool stuff.

This should be mostly a fun event, no really hard work and only about 4-5 hours on the project.  Topped off with a typical bad ass Nine Mile Farm event dinner/late lunch, some good beer, cider and mead.  Perhaps a bit of barter, lots of Q&A opportunity.

Best part?  Price, just 15 bucks per attendee to cover food and drink that we will be providing.

Better – Kids under 18 are free but MUST BE accompanied by an adult!

Better Yet – If you are a couple and want to come together it is only 20 bucks for both of you.  A 10 dollar discount.

The event runs from 11AM to 6:30PM this Saturday the 20th.  You do not have to pay now, just use the form to reserve your spot, bring cash with you the day of the event.  Again 15 for individuals, 20 for couples and kids are free.

I am also willing to take silver for this event.

For individuals I will take one ounce of bullion or $1.50 face value in US Pre 65 Silver Coin.

For couples I would will accept one ounce of bullion plus 50 cents face value in Pre 65 silver coins.  Or a total of $1.75 in US Pre 65 Silver Coin.

If you want to pay with BTC, just email me after you sign up an I will send you an address to do that with.

You can see the progress on the aviary so far here, but I did a lot since the last video, hope to update that play list today.

If the form does not display for you properly for any reason you can directly access the form at this link.  https://survivalpodcast.wufoo.com/forms/operation-aviary/

A Self Serving Way I Can Help You Promote Your Business with the TSP Barter Blanket

The Dog Isn't Up For Trade But Anything Else Is Game

The Dog Isn’t Up For Trade But Anything Else Is Game

So we have TSP Workshops coming on at Nine Mile Farm on Oct 1st-3rd and Nov. 12-14 and one of the coolest things we do is the barter blanket.  I swear some people come just for that alone.   Here is how it works.

One person lays down an item for trade and describes it and what makes it cool or desirable.  Any other participant now can lay down any item to trade for it or any group of items.

We wait long enough that anyone that wants to “bid” with an offer has a chance.  The person who laid down the first item can then accept any offer or decline them and remove his item.  If the offers are declined the blanket is “open” so that anyone can lay down a new item.

If an offer is accepted the person who won the trade is granted the blanket.  He/She can now put something down for trade, including the item just won if desired.  If the winner doesn’t want to lay an item down they simply declare the blanket open and we proceed from there.

There have been nights that we have started this about 9PM by the campfire and it has run until 2AM.  It is a huge hit with students and instructors alike.  This time even if you are not coming it can help you promote your products.  How?  Glad you asked!  Remember I have said this is self serving for me, and it is.

What I am offering to do this time is as follows.

  1. Interested business owners should email me a description of items you want to have me barter on the blanket at our events.  I will consider them and get back to you with a yes or a no and shipping info if they are approved.
  2. During each event (hopefully just before they start) I will do a post on the blog listing all the items, with descriptions and links to your websites to buy them.
  3. During the actual event at the property the first day they will all be on a table for display, you can send business cards or what have you with them if you want.
  4. On Friday night when we barter I will barter your items and tell everyone about them, haggle with them, etc.
  5. I will record what I get in barter for them and as part of our after action review post another post stating what was bartered for your items, again with a link to them on your site.
  6. Like I said this is self serving what ever I get in return from bartering I keep.  Still this is a LOT of advertising value for what amounts to a product sample.

Here are some questions I know people will have and my answers in advance.

What items will work best? 

Just about anything but about half the people that come do some air travel, so items that you can pack in a suit case will have more people vying for them.  That said I bartered for a full military net set with poles and Bryan of ITS got a second one from the same event.  I have seen bee hives exchanged and frankly some things I won’t publicly mention, LOL.  Just send me your ideas and I will let you know what I think.

In the end for this the qualifiers are the item must be legal, you must be selling it online and it has to be able to be shipped to me in Texas and that is about it.  Items exchanged at past blankets range from silver coins to candles, to homemade soap, herbal salves, canned produce and other small low cost items.  I have also seen expensive items, including gold exchanged.  But in general low to mid priced items do best.

How do I apply?

Email jack@thesurvivalpodcast.com with TSPC Barter in the subject and describe your item, send me a link where I can see it online, photos, etc.  I will email you back and work out details, tell you if it qualifies, give you shipping info, etc.

Who can apply is this for sponsor and MSB vendors only?

Sponsors and MSB you guys are welcome at the blanket but any and ALL community members are welcome to apply.  This is for all of the TSP community, period.

How many will you accept?

Likely 10-12 per event if the interest is that high.  I don’t want to dominate the entire event and I want all supporters to get good mind share on the exposure.

Can I send stuff for both events?

Depends.  I have to gauge interest in this first.  If the first fills up an the seond doesn’t, I will open the second one to repeat sponsorship, otherwise to be fair I hope to get 20-24 companies some good exposure here.

Can I send like a case or multi pack or 5 items in a set, something like that?

Yes as long as it makes sense and will be something I can easily barter as a set or a case or what have you.  Note that I may break such things up on multi deals or sometimes bidders work together and split stuff.  One time two guys split half interest in 5 pounds of mushroom spawn.  So this is all flexible.

Can you video and publish the bartering?

Hell no, Vegas has nothing on what happens on the blanket stays with the blanket.  If you want to see it, you have to be at it.

Will you tell me what Talk to the Squirrel Means?

Nope, not unless you show up at an event.

Are Cash Trades Made on the Blanket?

Um any thing is acceptable in trade, including, cash, trade or promises to do something for someone.  Physical products will work best for this promotion though.

Here Are Some Photos of Past Events

Friction Fire? Ain’t nobody got time for that during a workshop!


At the end, the memory of Ron Hood is honored as we pass a bottle of his favorite gin around. Everyone takes a nip, just a nip. Ron always has a bottle here, ALWAYS.


Behold the master haggler, Nick Ferguson!


Sorry, no closer with the camera sir on this trade!


Chris Starr and I Both Working Side Deals at the Same time. Yes this does happen and yep it is legal. Anarchocapitalism at work.


We call this “bundling” it works in some situations. Some times it results in multiple split offers.


PermaEthos Summer Workshop is Now Open for Registrations

Come Learn, Trade, Make Lifelong Friendships and Feast With Us.

Come Learn, Trade, Make Lifelong Friendships and Feast With Us.

From June 12-14 we are running an incredible workshop at the Elisha’s Spring PermaEthos Farm in West Virgina.  With a bonus one day workshop on the 11th.

The cost of the main workshop is 500 dollars.  There is a bonus workshop on the 11th that will cover chicken butchering, hog butchering, rabbit butchering and sausage making on the 11th, if you want to attend that it is an extra 100 dollars.

If you are simply setting up your campsite on the afternoon of the 11th, no need to pay the extra hundred.

Note – Founders your discount of 10% will be given to you at the door when you pay your balance due.

We are only requiring a 100 dollar deposit per ticket to hold your spot, the balance is due on the day you arrive.

Some things this workshop will cover…

This Workshop will include:

  • Feasting on Elisha’s Spring chicken, rabbit, duck and pork!
  • Constructing a segment of swales with the tractor and plow.
    • Laser level usage.
    • A-Frame level usage.
  • Planting annuals in the swales.
  • Grafting instruction from Nick Ferguson
  • Misting system overview and setup
  • Knife sharpening with Patrick Roehrman
  • Mike Vertrees will discuss compost and soils
  • Fishing! Bring your poles—we stocked over 500 fish in our silt trap pond last year
  • Some yet to be announced bonuses!  Some COOL ASS ONES at that!

To get full details and reserve your spot just go to the event page at the PermaEthos Blog.