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Episode-481- Call In Friday 7-23-10

It’s Friday again and we are back with more of your questions called into 866-65-THINK, we have some really great stuff today, lots on gardening, choosing a new generator, leveraging a skill set, dealing with visual impairment, prepping in an apartment and more.

Join me today as I answer your questions on…

  • Getting a garden plot ready for next season
  • Gardening when you are on the road
  • Prepping for truckers, what to carry
  • Dealing with unproductive peppers
  • Tomato blight has defeated many of us in the south
  • Square foot vs. bio-intensive gardening what is the difference
  • How do you leverage a hobby or skill to increase your preps
  • How can you set up remote monitoring of your BOL
  • A tip for keeping stuff cold in the freezer during a power outage
  • How to choose a good generator for your needs
  • When if ever do you borrow from a 401K
  • How do the vision impaired prep effectively
  • What guns really need to be a left handed version for a lefty shooter
  • What do you do when you run out of prep space in an apartment

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