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Episode-656- Storm Prepping and Aftermath Survival

I often say on the show we don’t “prep for events” we instead prepare to deal with out systems of support.  Yet at times we do need to analyze specific threats to our survival and formulate more specific plans based on our individual risk, specifically our geographic risks.

Note – The photo above was taken on my iPhone of a Church Hall damaged by a recent tornado in an area about 5 miles from our office in Hot Springs Village Arkansas.  Neither our home or our office suffered any damage.  More photos of this area will be posted later this week.

You can see the full sized image by clicking on the picture, notice the picture still hanging on the back wall!

Join me today as we discuss…

  • The two primary effects of storm damage active damage and aftermath
  • Wind gets all the press but water does more killing
  • Most people die in vehicles (storm related deaths)
  • Some basic preps everyone needs
    • A designated shelter area (not always easy)
    • A black out kit (2 is 1 and 1 is none)
    • A weather alert radio (and other alerts)
    • An antenna for the TV (I will explain this)
    • An evac plan
    • A get home plan
    • An awareness plan
    • A generator and gas
  • Assessing the major storm types
    • Severe thunderstorms
    • Tornadic storms
    • Tropical Storms
    • Hurricanes
    • Blizzards
    • Ice Storms
  • Thoughts on prep redundancy
    • Flooded, burned, etc gear is useless
    • Underground structures
    • Above ground structures
    • Community redundancy

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