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Episode-25- Devloping Situational Awareness for Modern Survival Living

Situational awareness is critical for modern survival living. Today we cover the concepts of situational awareness in various situations. Tune in today and learn

  • How understanding that “everyone is not a friend” is the first step in being more aware of threats
  • How to apply your awareness during driving a car to everyday life
  • Subtle cues that a situation just “isn’t right”
  • The lesson of the dangerous game hunter and trusting your instincts
  • Why situational awareness also applies to the news and the economy
  • How to plan a response to emergencies in minutes in your head in any public place
  • The importance of thinking about others with you who may not be as aware
  • How to quickly do your own threat assessment in any situation
  • The role of situational awareness in modern survival planning

This is a simple but critical topic, many people walk aimlessly through life, don’t be one of them.

Remember to comment and even tell your personal stories about how good situational awareness may have saved you a hardship. Also suggest topics and ask questions. Be sure as well to enter our listener appreciation contest and win an iPod Nano or other cool prize.