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Episode-1021- Brad and Mike from Full Sprectrum Survival

Brad and Mike of Full Spectrum Survival

Brad and Mike of Full Spectrum Survival

Mike and Brad have been immersed in the survival and preparedness genre for over 15 years. The feel they have been greatly blessed to be able to live on a large piece of property in the middle of Florida where they have been able to dive deeply into both.

Their group has a unique skill set in that we are able to create mock scenarios for ourselves both on paper and in reality and the participating members of the group must work their way through these scenarios They have documented this in their Tactical Scenario Youtube Series.

At the behest of a few of their friends and people that they consider influential in the genre, they created a Youtube channel after years and years of just being watchers and listeners in the community. Brad and Mike were always in their own words, “those silent viewers that would soak in all of the information that great podcasts such as TSP and Youtube channels had to offer”.

Today they join us to discuss their work and emergency preparedness. They also have a very large announcement for the prepper community that they will be sharing with us today.

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The YouTube Video Announcing The Prepper Movie