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Episode-974- Stephen Scott from Terroir Seeds

Cindy and Stephen Scott of Terroir Seeds

Cindy and Stephen Scott of Terroir Seeds

Stephen Scott is co-owner of Terroir Seeds along with his wife Cindy.  Terroir is a family owned and operated heirloom seed company that focuses on the “Cycle of Terroir” defined as “from the soil, to the seed, to the food you eat”.  Terroir seeds provides unique varieties of heirloom seeds, education and information for all phases of the “Terroir Cycle”.

Stephen has a business background, from management of a nationally known rental car agency to warranty administrator for a local car dealership. He is an acknowledged chili-head who loves the hotter side of things and loves to cook.

He feels one of the biggest appeals of the garden and growing is to supply the freshest ingredients for the meals! He has a large interest in self sustainability and resiliency- being able to do and produce most of what one needs, and building a strong community of local food producers.

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